47: Without Your Health You Have No Business with Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition


On today’s episode we chat with speaker, coach and Co-founder of 180 Nutrition, an online health and wellness company bringing wellness to millions.

With a mission is to reach and inspire as many people as possible, in 2009, along with his bestie, he founded 180 Nutrition.

Dedicated to turning lives around, 180 Nutrition is a range of natural whole-food products that enable people to eliminate unhealthy food and feel healthier from the inside out. Gotta love THAT!

Founded in Australia, they have just launched in the US with Dubai and the UK not far behind! We are SO excited to welcome Guy Lawrence to #MerryBiz!

“Healthy guy, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy business.”

Some questions we ask…..

  • How did 180 nutrition all begin?
  • How do you get a food product on the shop shelves? 
  • What’s your approach to health? What about the ice baths!?
  • Did you have a business plan or go with the flow?


“We’ve made some (dreadful) mistakes but we survive them, we’ve grown from them, we’ve moved on and we continue to grow, we don’t stay stagnant.”


Some AHA! Moments in this episode…

  • Why it’s about the journey. So you’ve got to be happy within… now.
  • The power of food and nutrition. 
  • Why you need to check in with your bigger vision. 
  • Why you need to feed the mind, the body and the soul.

One of the biggest things I’m open to is curiosity… be open to everything.”


Links to extra stuff we talked about….

180 Nutrition  

Guy’s podcast

180 Nutrition Facebook page  


“It’s about the journey. I look at goals as sign posts that keep me in check for my bigger vision.”


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“You’ve gotta become happy within yourself NOW. Your power comes from within.”



We want to give a HUGE shout out to the amazing guys of Drawing North for providing the podcast music of #MerryBiz. Yes, they are kinda epic. You gotta check them out! This is our favourite song

What was your biggest AHA!?

We wanna hear all about it! Share your moments of AHA! or the action your gonna take after listening to this #MerryBiz episode!

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