5 grain free porridge recipes and OATS are back!


Wow, this week we’ve really felt the change of season… and we know we know, how is this possible?! We used to live in Canberra (with freezing winters) and now we live on the Gold Coast (with barely existent winters)… surely these 17°C mornings should be a breeze for us. And yes! Compared to Canberra they are pure magic but still, we’re feeling the cold and we’ve officially welcomed porridge back into our lives. 

And what’s actually kind of cool is that we’ve welcomed back (steel cut) oats into our lives…. and they are all kinds of delish! It’s funny, even just a year ago eating a bowl of oats would have got us feeling anxious because of the gluten and carb factor. 

But after over 7 years of living pretty much 100% Gluten-Free we’ve loosened the strictness. After about 3 years of living fairly low carb… we’ve fully embraced carbs. And we feel GREAT!

This last 6 months has been a pretty huge journey for both of us in relation to our food and diets. We feel some pretty amazing progress… and if you’re new around here we’re not talking about progress on the scales! We’re talking mindset and the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies. 

We spent years and years trying all the diets and spending hours in the gym. But the real toxicity came from our intentions and mindsets behind these actions.

We dieted to lose weight because we never thought we were good enough.

We worked our butts off in the gym, because we didn’t accept what we saw in the mirror.

But no matter how much weight we lost, then gained, then lost, then gained… we were never happy, there was always something to change about ourselves. 

And it was actually once we created a consistent Yoga, Pilates and Meditation practise when we realised the only thing that truly mattered was how we felt about ourselves right NOW. And not when we lost a specific number of kgs or fitted into that dress.

This huge shift in our mindsets was one of the reasons why we did our teacher training back in 2017 and then went on to create MerryBody Online Studio. 

For us (and especially in our MerryBody Yoga and Pilates Classes) we are NOT about “Before and After Images”. It’s ​more about “Before and Ahhh… I Feel Amazing”

At MerryBody, we stand for…

No constantly talking about calories…
No obsessing over losing weight…
No comparing ourselves to anyone else…
No weigh-ins or body measurements…
No “thrashing” our bodies with over-the-top workouts… Don’t be mistaken though… we’re all about getting you RESULTS – we just look at it in a different kind of way.

Ahhh anyway, let’s get back on track and onto these 5 grain free porridge recipes. And none of them actually have oats (haha) BUT maybe we will add some oat porridge recipes soon! Mmm yum!

5 grain free porridge recipes

Blackberry and vanilla buckwheat porridge 

Not only is this recipe oh so pretty blackberries are also super high in antioxidants (more than blueberries!) and vitamin C. Plus buckwheat is a high quality, super easy to digest protein… this is the ultimate healthy winters day breakfast.

Get the recipe HERE!


Spiced pear and quinoa porridge 

When you put pears, cinnamon and nutmeg together you have yourself a heavenly winter’s breakfast!

Try this delish recipe HERE!


Berry and macadamia bucky porridge 

The fruity nutty crunch combo is ahhhhhmazing in this recipe! And look how pretty it is! 

This recipe is exclusive to the Get Merry app. You can download it HERE!


Apple and strawberry quinoa porridge

Apple and strawberries are one of those magic food combos! This recipe is really so good, you should definitely try it.

Grab the recipe over HERE!


Gluten free grain free salted caramel porridge

We had you at salted caramel… we know it! Because when the words salted and caramel are put next to each other, epic rivers of creamy flowing caramel come to mind… and that is a really really good vision to have.

You’re gonna wanna try THIS RECIPE!

Gluten Free Grain Free Salted Caramel Porridge Recipe.

If you make any of these delicious grain free porridge recipes share a pic with us on social media! We love seeing them.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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