Balancing pregnancy and new motherhood, Lilly is now a confident Yoga instructor! She says: it’s the best thing you’ll ever do!


There is nothing more we love than seeing someone follow their bliss, their passion. Well come to think of it, there is something more we love… and that’s being part of someone’s journey to following their bliss! That’s exactly what Lilly’s story is about today. 

If you have never heard the term “follow your bliss” before, it was said by Joseph Campbell. It’s the idea that inside of you there is a passion, something made just for you and this one life that you are living. Usually, this bliss will come knocking and it’s up to you to decide to follow it. It’s up to you to take the un-walked path and forge your own. 

To listen to that bliss-inkling, and then to actually follow it is no small feat. This is an act of courage. 

To all of our Yoga Teacher Trainees and graduates, we are SO proud of you for following your bliss. Nothing excites us more than being part of each and every one of your stories. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with Lilly, one of our Yoga Teacher Training Graduates.  Lilly was pregnant at the time of joining our Program and had her beautiful baby while completing the certification… so the online training format was perfect for her. Now? Lilly is teaching Yoga classes every single week! 

Before Lilly embarked on the Yoga Teacher Training, we asked her what her intention was going into the program…

“I’m joining MerryBody Teacher Training to not only upgrade my skills, but I want to become more mindful, and have a more holistic approach to exercise and movement.  I want to approach this training with a growth mindset, embracing challenges as opportunities for learning and expansion, and celebrate each milestone along the way. My final intention is to approach this training with an open heart, ready to embrace the unknown, and to be receptive to the wisdom and guidance that will be shared throughout this journey.”

Every 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is unique and different, depending on who is leading the program. In fact, we’ve had many Trainees join our program who have already completed other 200 hour programs due to this very fact!

The thing with Yoga, is that every teacher brings their uniqueness to how they teach. In this case? We bring our uniqueness to how we teach you to teach Yoga! If you’re familiar with our MerryBody Method, you’ll know that we not only teach our students forms of exercise but with every class we help them cultivate self-acceptance and build inner strength and confidence. Team all of this with a sprinkle of joy with every breath and every step and you’ve got MerryBody!

Our Teacher Training is no different. We teach our teachers to teach Yoga with the MerryBody principles in mind, this is why many of our Trainees come to the program with an aligned intention. Like Lilly said, she wanted to learn a more holistic approach to movement, she wanted to complete this training with a growth mindset and she wanted to do it with an open heart. 

Now that Lilly is fully certified, she’s teaching at Soul Squeeze Studio on the Gold Coast every single week. We asked her to pinpoint her most favourite part of the training, however, she found it difficult to name just one thing!

“I enjoyed literally everything about the training. Every module and topic was interesting, and I found joy in every part of it. The flexible online training environment was perfect, allowing me to continue my education throughout my pregnancy and in the early months of my little bubba’s life.”

Hear more from Lilly…


For many people, enrolling into a certification feels scary because of their previous experiences with learning environments. Often, learning environments can be toxic and stressful. In fact, many of the teacher trainings we’ve done would teach in a fear-based approach. Think “you must do this exactly perfectly in order to pass”. Showing up to class with that front of mind was always a bit daunting. 

As the MerryBody Method ripples into our Teacher Training, it’s our role as your trainers to cultivate an environment where you feel uplifted and supported. An environment where you keep clicking next class, next class, next class because you’re learning so much, you’re enjoying every step AND you’re seeing yourself become a Yoga Teacher right before your very eyes. Lilly mentioned…

“The constant affirmation from Emma and Carla boosted my confidence and motivated me to complete the course. The kindness and support made the course less stressful and even more enjoyable than I expected. I am so glad I chose this Yoga course, and I love the girls so much! The training was life-changing and if you’re thinking of joining, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do!”


Before we started creating our Online Yoga Teacher Training Program, we spent a lot of time speaking with fellow Yoga teachers about their previous trainings. One common problem that popped up multiple times with training, especially 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, was that when they completed the course, they actually didn’t feel equipped or confident to even teach a class!

This was shocking to us. There was no way we were going to create a crummy Yoga Teacher Training!

Ensure our Graduates feel confident, excited and ready to teach Yoga classes went to the top of our mission in regards to our training (along with create the BEST online Yoga Teacher Training out there). This is why you’ll find multiple classes within our training dedicated to class design, sequencing and cueing. We don’t just scrape the edges with this, we dive deep, ensuring you have the knowledge and know-how to lead full hour length classes even BEFORE you graduate. In fact, during our training you will teach 5 full length classes, providing you with  opportunities to grow, learn and receive expert, actionable feedback from our trainers. 

Lilly is just one of our many Graduates now using her certification to share the magic of Yoga in her own community and business. Lilly felt the inkling, followed her bliss and is now spreading her own mission far and wide! We are so proud of you Lilly. To keep up to date, follow Lilly on Instagram here

“MerryBody Teacher Training impacted my life in so many ways. It taught me a lot about Yoga but also myself, it helped me connect to my soul and resonate deeper with my practice. The journey has equipped me with a newfound awareness that extends beyond the mat and reaches all aspects of my life. As a budding yoga teacher, my
goal is to inspire individuals to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them, fostering a sense of balance and harmony in their lives through the teachings of Yoga.”

We look forward to keeping up to date with everything Lilly does. If you loved reading this, you’ll love to hear from our Graduate, Rana, who is in her 50s teaching at her local gym! If you too have an inkling to dive deeper into Yoga (and yourself), then our Yoga Teacher Training might be perfect for you. You can learn more and join our wait list here. We run a cohort each year and let us tell you, this is our absolute FAVOURITE thing to do! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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