Can I Learn Yoga Online and Where to Begin


Learning anything online is absolutely possible these days. There’s so much content! Video, blog posts, online classes, courses and programs are all at the end of a google search and available at all times. It’s exciting. 

So if you’ve been wondering things like, can I learn yoga online? Can I do yoga at home? 

You can!

The thing is, this overload of content options can also be your worst enemy, as it sometimes feels difficult (or just plain time consuming) to filter through to find the right yoga videos, yoga instructors and yoga courses for you. 

So which online yoga studio to begin with?

Of course, we’re going to say MerryBody as the first to try, you can even sign up for a FREE Yoga class now! But there are so many out there. 


And we really recommend signing up to a Studio, rather than floundering around on YouTube and ending up on a cute cat or Taylor Swift learn the lyrics video. I mean they are fun but you’re looking for Yoga!

The reason why we suggest this, YouTube is great, however, having some kind of curation and personal support is important.

The 3 things our MerryBody Members love the most are:

  • One brand new class is added EVERY week, that’s right, the library grows and grows and you never get bored. 
  • We create a 7 Day Plan every Monday for your week ahead. This plan safely and effectively provides you with a total body workout. 
  • The connection and communication with us! Your Pilates and Yoga Teacher are there with you every step! We are not the kind of online program where you sign up and it’s see ya later from us! It’s quite the opposite. We spend most of our days inside the Community Group, answering questions, going live for technique tutorials and answering plenty of Q+As. 


There are plenty of others out there, why not try some on YouTube first, or even a Free Trial and see what resonates. 

It might be that you’re looking for a certain style, like Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Yin Yoga, we offer all 3. With the addition of Pilates, Barre, guided meditation and breathing exercises, MerryBody ticks lots of boxes.

Ok, so now you’re excited to begin but really the most important thing is to have a plan around HOW you’re going to implement your at home yoga practice. 

Schedule in time for your Online Yoga Class

There is no 5:30pm class for you to rush to after work (which is actually a great thing!). However, you still need some accountability to ensure your yoga session happens.

Think about your week, where does it make sense to schedule in your yoga class? Is it first thing in the morning, after coffee? That’s our favourite time of day to exercise. Perhaps it’s during your lunch break? Or as soon as you get home from work? Perhaps it works for you on a Sunday afternoon?

There is no right or wrong… there is just what works for you. 

Remember, the BEST exercise you do, is the exercise you do. 

Don’t listen to the latest fad, tune in and decide how many yoga sessions and on what days work best. 

Ok let’s make it an ‘if, when, then plan’. For example:

If it is a weekday, when I wake up, then I will do my yoga exercises.


If it is every other day, when I get home from work, then I will do my MerryBody Yoga class.

NICE! Creating a plan and writing it down will make you 42% more likely to actually achieve it.

Here’s one of our quick yoga classes for you to try, we have a feeling you’ll love it…

Get the right equipment for your Yoga Class

We offer Yoga and Pilates classes inside MerryBody and you don’t need ANY equipment, some carpeted flooring will do. You’ll need an internet connection and your preferred device to download the MerryBody App or Desktop.

A Yoga mat will make a great addition to your practice. A mat will allow you to perform all of the yoga poses comfortably and safely (those who have tried doing Yoga on a wooden floor will know what we are talking about). 

We also recommend comfy clothes that stretch with you and always have a water bottle nearby. Sometimes we add a bolster to our Yin Yoga classes but if you don’t have that, you can stack 2 firm cushions.

Other props that can be used for beginners and more experienced Yogis (we don’t teach with these props) include straps, blankets, blocks, but these can also be improvised from different household objects you probably have lying around. 

Pay Attention during Your Online Yoga Class

As your Yoga instructor, I (Carla) am going to do my best to teach you how to approach Yoga in an accepting and joyful way.

We will teach you how to breathe correctly, how to perform the poses correctly; we will help you find the practice that works best for your ability and needs, and we will make Yoga a practice you love and enjoy.

Actually, the BEST place to begin your yoga practice would be with our Foundations Program inside our online studio. Here there are 11 classes that slowly teach you the most common movements and poses. 

You’ll notice our classes  focus on technique and alignment. Even just a simple sun salutation has so much within it (like 7 yoga postures all up in Sun Salutation A!) and we want you to feel GREAT, no, AMAZING during and after your practice.

Remember that it is impossible to suck at Yoga

Nobody can suck at Yoga because Yoga judges nobody. At MerryBody, it’s about what it feels like, not what it looks like.

In fact, our mantra is: always remember: you are amazing, just as you are. 

Yoga is a journey that every Yogi takes independently, often with the help of the instructor but it really is an inside job. 

Yoga is about practicing non-attachment, creating a mind body connection, and enjoying that connection, feeling it deepen over time.

You might find yourself comparing your practice to others, or even comparing yourself to your instructor. Comparison is a natural human instinct, but do your best to turn it off during our online Yoga classes. 

People of all different ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes implement Yoga into their lives and become real yoga rock stars. 

And really, a yoga rock star is simply someone who enjoys practicing yoga.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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