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One of our most favourite things to hear about from our MerryBody Members is stories of them doing their Pilates, Meditation and Yoga classes with their kids, partners, or fur babies for that matter (not practical but very cute!). 

Yoga, Pilates and Meditation are all brilliant practices to look after your own health of mind and body, it only makes sense to do it with the people you love most!  

One of our amazing Members, Ash, sends us photos of her doing classes with her 2 young children. Although they may not do the classes just yet, seeing their Mumma move her body is a wonderful message to share. We always feel so inspired seeing her pics. Also, cuteness overload! 

We have another member, Stacey, who does meditation with her kids most evenings before bedtime. And well, this literally melts our hearts every time we read this! Not only an amazing habit to teach but a beautiful way to connect with your kids.

Then we have amazing long-time MerryBody Member Preeti (below) with her beautiful daughter. We love that MerryBody is part of their lives. And that is one amazing-looking Tree Pose! 


Online classes, whether recorded or live stream style, are perfect for the whole family. Recorded classes work especially well as you can time the class around your schedule (and your kids and/or partners).

There are many kid friendly Yoga classes out there, from Cosmic Kids Yoga videos to Yoga with Adrienne. 

We’ve made one class, especially for the younger kids age group, a bit more fun with lion roars and ‘walking the plank’, but really, all our classes are perfect for kids of any age. 

Try our Yoga for Kids class right now on our YouTube Channel! You can also access it within the MerryBody App.


Fun and joy are a priority for our classes (hello, it’s called MerryBody). With class titles like Razzle Dazzle Barre, Bring It On Pilates and Celebrate Your Magic Meditation, we are sure you’ll find a bunch of classes for kids!

You can also know, there will be no reference to diet culture within our classes. With all the diet culture on TikTok and Instagram, you can rest easy knowing we won’t ever share hyper focused messages on looks and weight.

Instead, we share the message of self-acceptance. 

A message that is powerful, especially at a time in life (aka teenage years) where if you don’t fit the box, life can become extremely hard (read about Carla’s bullying story here).

 If you like, why not try out MerryBody today with a 7 Day Trial. You’ll have instant access to Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Breathing Exercises. There’s a variety of different Yoga practices, from Vinyasa, to Yin to Slow Flow. There’s also mat Pilates and Barre! You’ll never be bored as we add a brand new exercise class each week and a new meditation each month. 

Whether you’re specifically looking for family Yoga or just for you, sign up and experience a week of free Yoga, Pilates and Meditation! You’ll also get access to our private community group where you can connect with others and feel supported on your MerryBody journey.  

If you have any questions, let us know! 

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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