Healthy 3 course dinner menu | Easy recipes


One of our amazing MerryBody Members asked us for our healthy 3 course dinner ideas, so here they are! 

Of course, all the recipes are gluten free, grain free, refined sugar-free and mostly dairy free. BUT above all, they’re all easy recipes! This is very important especially when you’re doing 3 whole courses! 

Healthy 3 course dinner menu one.

Entree: Zucchini and carrot bites. You can find the recipe HERE.

These little tasty morsels are not only super cute but insanely delish. You can also serve them cold if you’re running short on time and need to pre-make the night before. YUM!


Main: Slow cooked tikka masala. Get the healthy dinner recipe HERE.

This slow cooked chicken tikka masala recipe is all kinds of delicious. It’s the ultimate recipe for a 3 course dinner menu… because you do most of the work the morning of! 

Less cooking time… more time for fun (like yoga and pilates and coffee dates hehe).


Dessert: Triple choc brownies. Get this total drool-worthy recipe HERE.

Ummm, of course, we had to choose one of our chocolate brownie recipes! And this recipe might just be our all time fave. We recommend serving hot with healthy sugar-free vanilla ice cream.


Healthy 3 course dinner menu two.

Entree: Cheesy crackers with delish dip. Get the recipe HERE.

Look, you just can not go pass a good dip and chip/cracker starter! HAHA. Everyone at your 3 course dinner party will LOVE these crackers! Serve them with guacamole. 


Main: Buttery bacon sweet potato noodles with crispy salmon recipe. GET IT HERE.

We love this recipe so much! It’s best served fresh, so if you have a communal ktchen area this recipe for you!

Dessert: Caramel crunch raw cake. Get the recipe over HERE.

FInish off this 3 course dinner with this show stopper cake. The best bit, it’s raw, so you could make it the day before, just make sure you get it out of the freezer at least an hour before serving so it’s not rock hard when you’re ready for healthy dessert. 


Healthy 3 course dinner menu three.

Entree: Sweet potato bacon balls. Get this super delish recipe here.

We love snacky food and anything that can be served with some kind of dip… or just mashed avocado. This is our kinda food! You could even make a fun party platter with these balls on it. 


Dinner: Creamy chicken avocado zoodles. Get the recipe HERE!

Far out one of our all time fave dinners! Super easy and also low carb. Everyone who has made this recipe LOVES it! 


Dessert: Healthy baked pumpkin cheesecake. Get this ridiculously yum recipe HERE.

This recipe is extremely delicious and it’s 100% morish so make sure if you ever do make it you do have other people to share it with HAHA. It’s SO YUM! 


These are just some ideas for some fun and yum 3 course healthy dinner menus but we have hundreds and hundreds of other easy recipes on the blog and on our Get Merry app! You’ll always have cooking inspiration when you have that app!

If you cook up a healthy 3 course dinner share it with us! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook, send us your delish pics!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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