No time to eat healthy, hate cooking? Check out this cheat with Celebrate Health!


We get it… home cooking…. only cooking from scratch, growing your organic veggies, sourcing the best of the best produce makes you the most awesome ever.

But guess what. In reality, not everyone can do this, we 100% don’t do this.

Because we love eating out, we get lazy (yep CBF moments), smoothies are so convenient, we love to save time in the kitchen, we get sick of washing up… oh yep, we’ll stop now.

Celebrate Health is one of our awesome blog partners. They are all kinds of epic and have lots of delish healthy products. You would have seen our healthy cocktails, those AMAZING egg free cookies! AND they have the perfect products to help you in the kitchen when you’re short on time, or just can’t be bothered. We get it and we feel ya!

Or maybe you actually hate cooking (or your husband/wife/kids/sibling/housemate does)? Like you’d rather do anything else but cook. 

Enter: Celebrate Health recipe bases.

These Celebrate Health recipe bases are perfect to help get people cooking, perfect for the people who think cooking is too hard, too time-consuming, too boring. It’s like the gateway drug to cooking. Uh yes, we just said that. Ok and they’re like the perfect thing for people who are just starting out on a real food lifestyle. 

They also turn those can’t be bothered dinners into actually freaking delicious dinners. Like this Indian Butter Chicken. YUM.


These are the varieties, with our lazy suggestions and extra delish factor suggestions.

Indian Butter Chicken  

Simply cook up some chicken with the recipe base and serve with rice/quinoa. We made ours extra delish and added broccolini, sesame seeds and chilli to the party. 

Chinese Beef Stirfry

Cook up some beef strips with onion, add the recipe base and serve with quinoa. Make it extra yum and merry by adding capsicum, beans, grated carrot and serve with cauli-rice.

Teriyaki Chicken

Cook up chicken, add your fave veggie and the recipe base. Ta-da! OK, you have some extra time? Add more than one veggie… shallots, green caps and zucchini. Extra YUM.

Tuscan Meatballs

The real lazy option is to skip the meatballs altogether and simply cook up beef mince with the tuscan recipe base and serve with gluten free pasta. Or how about you stir an egg through that mince, roll into balls, cook balls in pan, add chopped tomatoes and the tuscan recipe base. Then serve with zoodles! That is FAN-CY!

Chilli Con Carne

Cook up beef mince with tomatoes and chuck in some kidney beans if you eat them. Serve with natural corn chips. But add some delish factor (and minus the chippies which = way healthier) and serve with baked sweet potato chippies and guacamole. 

Honey Mustard 

This would be super yum and easy with chicken and broccoli. But what about salmon?! We vote a salmon stir fry with beans, broccoli, baby spinach and quinoa.

Yep, 100% approved! 

  • Taste is deeelish.
  • They’re 100% natural, gluten free, have no added sugar and are preservative free. 
  • Made in Australia YAY!
  • Although there are some ingredients we would not cook with a 100% real food recipe… they are perfect for the short on time/energy moments/I have no idea where to start moments!

To test out the recipe bases yourself head on over HERE. Check out the whole Celebrate Health range while you’re over there!

The BEST bit is that you can get a 20% discount in the recipe bases until 13 February. Use the code MERRYRECIPEBASE20 and get cooking! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s We’ve also tried the coconut water (we made cocktails!), ready-made meals and we made delish egg free cookies with their flax. Talk about fun and yum!

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