How To Create An At Home Yoga Studio

Are you looking to create a divine at home Yoga Studio? Well keep reading, we share all our tips to creating a simple, yet beautiful, space. Whether you’re looking to create your own at home Yoga Studio for your personal practice or as a Yoga teacher.

You don’t need to spend outrageous amounts of money to create the perfect home Yoga space. In fact, really, all you need is just that… some space. 

We both personally practice Yoga at home. We used to go to our favourite in person Yoga studio, but since creating our own Online Yoga and Pilates Studio we realised just how amazing an at home Yoga experience was. 

There’s no waiting for the 5:30 pm class when you’re in the mood at 4 pm, you can fit your workout in and around your life. 

You can choose the perfect class for your energy levels. Big day at work then do a Yin Yoga class. Feeling low energy, like you need a pep up, choose a firey Yoga flow!

But how do you take your home practice to the next level? You create the perfect space. 

How To Create The Perfect At Home Yoga Studio 


Allocate the space

Whether you have a corner of your living room or you have an entire Yoga room, dedicate that space to your Yoga practice. Of course, the space can be versatile, the office and Yoga room work perfectly. Or slide the coffee table to the side and there’s your little Yoga spot. But knowing where you do your at-home Yoga practice is essential. 

Lighting is everything

You don’t want to be practising Yoga with harsh fluorescent lights. Natural lighting is preferable during daylight hours and warm lighting at night. Swap out your light globes for lower voltage or use coverings to dapple harsh lighting. 

Choose relaxing colours

What colours help you feel relaxed? Maybe it’s blue or green? We’re not saying you need to paint the house but you could think about adding art or decorative pieces that welcome in a relaxed feeling. 

Work with the sense of smell

You might notice that most Yoga Studio have candles or an essential oil burning and you can, absolutely, do the same. Choose a scent that you always use, this will help you and your students (if you’re teaching at home) get into the Yoga Zone. Before you know it, the smell will become a trigger for relaxation. If you are forgetful and don’t like burning candles, opt for an oil diffuser. 

Use an anchor 

When you practise at home it can often be a struggle to separate home life to Yoga. Or perhaps you work at home too. So you’ve got to separate Yoga from home and work! An anchor, like a special meditation or a particular candle, can help you get into the Yoga mood. 

What we don’t want is half way through your class, you begin to tidy up the wardrobe or you begin checking your inbox. You do need a level of self-discipline, but we believe in you. Although a teacher might not be watching you, give time and dedication to your home Yoga practice. This will ensure you get the most out of it. 

Invest in the right equipment

You don’t need everything at once but a few essential items will really uplevel your home Yoga practice. Firstly, you need a Yoga mat. If you are a Yoga teacher and teaching small groups at home, we’d recommend getting several Yoga mats for students who forget theirs. 

Next, we’d suggest a Yoga bolster, especially if you’re a Yin Yoga lover. The next piece of equipment would have to be Yoga blocks. Of course, if you’re following an Online teacher, or using an Online Studio like MerryBody, you’ll need a phone or laptop/tablet to follow the classes. We like to use our blue tooth ear buds so as to not disturb the rest of the household. 


Notify other people in the house

Let the people you live with know that your Yoga practice is your me time. This could be easier said than done, especially when you have children in the house. And so we’ve heard, it doesn’t matter what age the kids are, 2 or 22. In the middle of your downwood-facing dog you’ll hear a “Muuuuuuummmm, what’s for dinner” or “Dad, I can’t find XYZ”. This is where you must practise the art of Detachment. Don’t be attached to what your home practice looks like. If you need to finish the class over 3 time blocks, so be it. Yoga isn’t just a practice for the mat anyway, it’s a life practice. 

It’s also important to remember that your practice need not wait for the perfect space. We’ve literally rolled out our Yoga mats between a wall and a bed and just gone with it. If you find yourself saying, I’ll start my practice when I get the space ready… we want you to take a moment of reflection. Ask yourself, is this just an excuse? The answer is most likely a big yes. And that’s ok, you’re human after all. 

The next step for you, sign up to this free Yoga Class and get flowing!   


Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

Ps. If this article has got you thinking about Yoga Teacher Training, we’re super excited to tell you about our School of MerryBody. 

Our teacher course will not only allow you to learn more about the fascinating world of Yoga but it will also give you the essentials in order to begin your Yoga business. And creating an At Home Yoga Studio is a perfect place to begin your Yoga Career. Whether you’re located in Adelaide, San Franciso or Bologna! Where there are people, there are Yoga students waiting!




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