Who Are the Merrymaker Sisters?

We are the merrymaker sisters. Two girls, e & c, representing the city of Canberra, Australia. Forget what you may have heard (thanks Guy Pearce!), Canberra is a great city—there’s no such thing as peak hour (it only goes for about half an hour, and seriously, you might get stuck in traffic for tops 10 minutes), the city is only 20 minutes away from anywhere, it’s actually kind of pretty (a lot of planning went into this city) and if you look hard enough there is always something to do on the weekend.
So here we are to share our stories, our recipes, our ideas and our observations. We are the same-same but different, always mistaken for twins, we are best friends (yes this is true, we hardly fight and when we do it’s usually C yelling at E for not reading the recipe right or not holding the boxing pads high enough—these only ever last 5 minutes—by then we are smiling and laughing again). Our lifestyle is crazy revolves around gym, cooking, eating and feeling the best we can. We love finding alternative ways to enjoy the food you always thought was the enemy, like: pizza (YES PIZZA!), crackers, muffins and pancakes
You may have read this so far and are thinking IS THIS THE BLOG FOR ME? Well, here’s a quick overview.
On this blog… you will find:
  • tales of fun and ridiculous moments
  • healthy/alternative recipes (we LOVE LOVE LOVE food, in fact, eating – is probably our most favourite time of the day – we are also pretty knowledgeable of diets, we have tried every one under the sun and now, we look at our eating habits as a lifestyle, no diet, just choices – it’s much more fun just better, no rules)
  • gym workouts/exercises 
  • and anything else that’s on our minds.
So here goes nothing! A blog about two sisters, who like to
  • have fun
  • eat
  • create
  • and see the glass as always half full.
Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla
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