Feeling blah? Are you missing friendship, connection or motivation?


“The opposite of a hot mess is cold, predictable and tidy. That’s not where your magic lives. Be brave and choose the mess.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

We’re all about feeling the feels. If you feel like crap/blah/yuck/sad/angry… feel it. Accept it, move through it. We’re not saying it will be easy but it will eventually pass.

This is what our new format podcast show is all about. It’s not just about business anymore!

It’s about life… real life, connection, people, emotions, relationships, health. We talk about the good, bad, ugly and of course the magical.

If you feel like you’re missing something, the new #GetMerry podcast is especially for you. Maybe you’re missing friendship, connection or motivation? We have a #GetMerry episode waiting for you.

You can SUBSCRIBE on iTunes for iPhone (the purple podcast app on your phone!) or Stitcher for Android. Or you can listen directly here on the blog.

These are the 3 most popular #GetMerry episodes so far: 

1. Episode 82: The body image episode

We both have the best body image mindsets we’ve ever had right now. Not because we’re the thinnest and fittest we’ve ever been. CLICK TO LISTEN.

2. Episode 83: This too shall pass IRL (in real life) interview with Karly Nimmo 

Karly is the definition of real human. We talk about depression, anxiety, failure, the universe and way more. CLICK TO LISTEN.

3. Episode 89: Courage, surrender and breaking through upper limits with Bronnie Ware IRL in the studio 

Bronnie makes you feel like everything is ok and that everything is happening just as it should be.  CLICK TO LISTEN.

If you listen to an episode and love it, let us know! If you think someone else needs to know about the #GetMerry podcast forward this blog post on to them. 

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla 

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