Online Yoga Courses to Help you Become a Great Yoga Teacher 

To be a great Yoga teacher has nothing to do with how perfect your handstand or Chaturanga is. Of course, your Yoga experience and physical practice are important, same with knowing the correct and incorrect form, as well as knowing how to sequence and how to cue. 

But if you can not master Eka Pada Koundinyasana in your everyday Yoga practice this is absolutely fine and has nothing to do with how great a teacher you can be. 

We always say, our style of teaching isn’t perfect for everyone, but it’s perfect for some. If we had let our fear of not being perfect teachers stop us, we would have never created MerryBody. Our online Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Studio where thousands of people practise via the MB app. 

This is the same for you and your style of teaching, you can’t please everybody and this is a good thing!

If you want to teach, you’ll find the right students, at the right time in their practice. They may practise with you for a lifetime or just a season. 

We also only teach Yoga and Pilates online. If we had listened to other people saying it’s just not the same online, we would not have continued to create. Again, online classes and online Yoga courses are not for everyone, but they are perfect for some! And if you’re wondering, yes, you most certainly can and will create amazing connections with your online students. Hear Preeti talk about her MerryBody experience. 

As you begin to think about teaching your first Yoga class, our wish for you is to feel confident to show up as YOU. To bring your own magic, your own personality and creativity to class. 

Before we go on any further… here are just a few limiting self-beliefs to let go of.

  • I can’t do this move, I can’t possibly teach Yoga
  • I am not thin or fit enough, I can’t teach 
  • I’m too old to teach or start anything new
  • I don’t know enough about breath work or Yoga Philosophy
  • I’m too young to teach, no one will take me seriously
  • I’ll never be as good a teacher as them
  • I’m not confident or outgoing enough

Always remember, each step of your Yoga teacher teaching journey is unfolding to the next. You could sign up to a course for personal development and then months later find yourself running in person or online classes. Nothing is set in stone, you get to decide your life’s direction. 

This is why Carla has the below tattooed on her arm! A reminder that our actions today direct tomorrow’s path. 

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

Another belief could be…

You don’t have time for a 200 hour Yoga Course

And you know what, this one could be true! 

Especially if you’re looking at an intensive course over 2 or 3 weeks, or a training program held over 10 weeks every Saturday and Sunday. Don’t get us wrong, the immersive Yoga teacher training (TT) courses are amazing, however, they need to be committed to at the right time of your life. 


When we did our original Pilates and Yoga teacher courses, we had fewer commitments. We have far less free time now. Right now, we could not imagine doing those courses!

Now, our preference is to learn online because the course can fit around our own schedules and this is what led us to create our MerryBody Teacher Training course. An online Yoga Teacher Training course created especially for online learning by online Yoga and Pilates teachers. 

You see, you can’t just film real life training courses and expect them to translate perfectly to online courses. It simply does not work. But when you have 10 years of online business and content creating experience (like us!), you know what it takes to make an amazing online course. 

We are equally passionate about the practice of Yoga as well as the delivery of online training.

Reasons why online Yoga courses could be even better than courses in Yoga Studios


Learn to teach online

In today’s world, online Yoga classes are part of a Yoga teacher’s life, remember that pandemic thing? Yeh, we can’t forget just yet! To be a modern Yoga teacher is to also feel prepared to teach online. 

The best thing about online Yoga Teacher courses is that they show you the potential of what you can acheive online. In our course, we won’t just help you feel confident to teach Yoga classes, we’ll also help you feel confident to teach Yoga online anywhere in the world. Our MerryBody members are from all over Australia but also in America, UK, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Japan and more!

You can complete the courses in your own time

Usually, with an online course, the live content is also recorded. This means when you can’t get to a live session because life does happen, you can play catch-ups. With our MerryBody Teacher Training course, you’ll be able to show up live but all the content will also be recorded so you can tune in later. This means you can also re-watch sessions you LOVED or want a recap on. Within a 200 hour course, there is a lot of new information to learn, to retain it all is a hard task! The ability to re-watch and rewind is amazing!

You can learn anywhere and everywhere

Imagine, you can become a Yoga trained professional from your bedroom! Maybe you travel a lot for work? Well, you can complete your course in the hotel room after work. You might be on a sabbatical travel adventure, with good wifi and your laptop, well, you could also complete a Yoga Alliance approved course while you adventure! Or maybe you simply don’t have time in your regular life for a full on immersive training, well, let the training fit in with YOU. 

Ahhh this really gets us excited! We know it can be hard to get to a physical studio, even for a one off  Vinyasa Yoga class let alone a full 200 hour course!

You can access internationally recognised trainers  

You know that course in New York that would cost you $2000 in flights plus accommodation, obviously if you’re flying from Australia you need to add on an additional 2 weeks to make it worth it, right?! Haha. Feasible for some, not for others. Also, doable at certain times of life. Hello, kids, work, life?! Sometimes it just does not work but this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the epic training!

We’ve done so many courses with amazing international teachers because of online courses. We’re so excited to tell you more about our insanely intelligent, beautiful inside and out faculty of teachers we have on board for MerryBody TT!

If you want to be the first to know about them sign up for the waitlist over here! 


We could go on and on about the benefits of online Yoga courses! If you have any questions about our teacher training course, we are here to help! Please contact us via dm on Instagram or email us! Also, be sure to sign up for our waiting list, our first round will have a limited number of spots. We’re so excited to bring this course to you!

During the MerryBody online Yoga Teaching program, get ready to develop your physical Asana practice, breathwork and meditation practice. There will be Yoga Philosophy, including Yoga Sutras, anatomy plus so much more. 

Unlike other Yoga teacher training programs, we don’t just focus on getting you ready to teach a real life class. Yes, you will learn all the techniques, sequencing and presentation skills necessary to teach. But we will also provide you with skills for teaching online too. Whether you want to teach after the course or not, you will feel a new sense of empowerment and confidence. 

You will also reaffirm what you already know to be true: Yoga is about so much more than doing the splits and the perfect handstand. However, we will have an expert Yogi handstand teacher helping you get upside down (if you want to!).

We are beyond excited about this training and all the amazing online Yoga courses we have planned. Be sure to sign up over here to keep up to date with everything. Remember spots are limited, if you’re even a little interested in Yoga teacher training and you’re reading this, sign up to be in the know. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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