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Paleo Almond Milk | How Do I Make Almond Milk?

Almond milk has long been our milk of choice since ‘going paleo’… it’s got a high delish factor + you can easily buy it off the shelf.

Little did we know that our go-to brands of almond milk add a few nasties that we like to steer clear of, including agave syrup (yuck), vegetable oil (double yuck) + preservatives (…whyyyy?!). Since this discovery we became sad: “what ever are we going to do?!” We are seriously addicted to our choc-nut-caramel-coffee smoothie!

We needed almond milk STAT.

Well hold up… if you can buy it in a carton… surely it came from some where first, right?! Right!

Well grab a bunch of almonds, some water, your sweetener of choice + a cheese cloth (or tea towel) because it’s time to (merry)MAKE OUR OWN ALMOND MILK!

Seriously, it’s easier than you think! Let us know how you go!

Always merrymaking,

e & c

p.s what goes with milk? COOKIES! Try out our paleo cookies with macadamias… delish!

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make your own paleo almond milk
Serves 4
Cook Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
  1. 2 cups raw almonds (soaked in water over night)
  2. 5 cups water
  3. 1 tbs. raw honey, or your preferred natural sweetener
  4. 1 tsp. 100% vanilla extract
  1. Strain the soaked almonds and rinse with cold water.
  2. Place the almonds in a blender (we use our Vitamix) along with the 5 cups of water.
  3. Whiz for around 5 minutes or until the mixture turns thick and smooth.
  4. Place a cheesecloth (or tea towel) over a bowl and pour the almond mixture into the cheesecloth.
  5. Carefully twist the cheesecloth around the mixture and squeeze all of the almond milk out (this part is fun!).
  6. Once you have squeezed all of the milk out (there will be wet almond meal left over) pour the milk back into your blender.
  7. Add the sweetener and vanilla and whiz again until combined .
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Be sure to keep the left over almond meal for muffins or brownies! After a chocolate version?! Well just click here! We also made a chai almond milk by adding a tbs. of cinnamon and tsp. coconut sugar! Delish!

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  1. I realised the same thing just a few days ago…. so this post came at the perfect time!! Going home tonight to make CLEAN ALMOND MILK!!! Thanks ladies πŸ™‚

    Quick question, do you need to use blanched almonds, or skin on is ok?

  2. Definitely going to try this on the weekend! How long do you think it will keep in the fridge?

  3. Hey Rachel! It’s actually so yummy! We kept ours for about 5 days in the fridge in a big glass jar (or air tight container). Let us know how you go! πŸ™‚ e & c

  4. Hi I’m new to all this but loving what I’ve tried so far. Can you tell me why agave is bad?

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  8. YUM! This was sooo much easier than I thought it was going to be. And tastes so much better than the packaged stuff. Probably a blond question, but where would I buy cheesecloth from?

  9. Hi Miriam! So glad to hear you like the almond milk! It’s definitely easier than it looks/sounds! We got our cheesecloth from a kitchenwares shop but we just looked on the Rawblend website and they are selling nut milk bags! So we are going to get one of those πŸ™‚ e + c

  10. Love this almond milk recipe!
    But can you help with how to use the left-over meal?
    It is so moist that it doesn’t seem to work in cookies used 1 for 1 in recipes for regular (dry) almond meal.
    Thanks for your help.

  11. I love this recipe!
    But can you help me to use the left over almond meal?
    I have tried cookies, but the meal is too moist for a direct swap for dry almond meal.
    Could you share your favourite use for the meal as it seems a waste to not use it. Thanku

  12. Hi Wen! Yes, sometimes the almond pulp can be a little moist! We have used it for muffins and loaf before + this works ok but to make dry almond meal, you just need to bake it at a low heat in the oven. Once baked, food process it until a fine meal forms. πŸ™‚ Definitely don’t throw it away! πŸ™‚ e + c Here’s our muffin recipe!

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  19. I make almond milk using my Thermomix it is great. Will try adding natvia next time good tip. I have also done one with cashew and almond very creamy and dreamy

  20. Hi Just curious re: the nutritional stats on homemade almond milk…I am very new to Paleo and slowly taking more on board each day. I know we shouldnt over do the nut thing so just wondeing how that fits in with consuming Almond milk?

  21. Post

    Hi Jade! Almond milk has a very low percent of almonds as you strain the milk after blending it πŸ™‚ So it’s not too high on the nut intake! πŸ™‚ We also love coconut milk! e + c

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