Paleo Cheese on Toast Recipe (no jokes).

It’s Paleo Cheese Week here at Merrymaker HQ and it’s packed full of cheesey goodness! Paleo Cheese on Toast was an obvious recipe we had to include! We definitely enjoyed a lot of cheese on toast growing up, we’d leave it under the grill and burn it until it went delicious and crispy. We never really missed it… but the idea of being able to eat a paleofied version got us excited!

We made this Paleo Cheese on Toast with our pumpkin bread recipe from our ‘Make your bread Paleo’ eBook! But you can also use our savoury bread recipe from the blog, just click here! Or you could even try it on our paleo crunchy bread rolls. Woha… yum!

Then all you need to do is make our Paleo Cheese and melt it on top of the bread under the grill! Easy peasy! The bread takes about 50 minutes to whip up and the cheese will take just over 2 hours (needs to set in the fridge), so what are you waiting for? Get to it! Paleo Cheese on Toast awaits! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s. stay tuned for yum as paleo spaghetti bol and cheese burgers.

P.p.s. did we mention we LOVE paleo cheese week? #MMcheeseweek

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paleo cheese on toast

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