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Pilates is an amazing form of exercise that will strengthen your core, improve your posture and increase flexibility. We’ve been practising for many years and we still love this style of movement.

Pilates was first invented in the early 1900s, although it has evolved and changed over the years, the classical style is still practised to this day.

The style of Pilates we teach within The MerryBody Method may not be classical, but it certainly is inspired by the traditional style. 

Principles of Pilates 

With the original Pilates Principles in mind – Concentration, Center, Control, Flow, Breath and Precision, we went on to add our own principles of Self-Acceptance and Joy.

There is a major core focus within Pilates. The movement begins from the center, from the powerhouse muscles and this makes it a great ab workout! If you’re looking for the core focus Pilates class, keep reading!

MerryBody Principles

You might be thinking, Self-Acceptance and Joy, are strange exercise principles?!

Well, if you haven’t noticed, our society values looks and thinness as more important than physical and mental health. 

And this consumed our minds and goals for years. We spent close to 10 years trying to lose weight with endless diets and new workout programs. 

We created MerryBody because we were completely over the exercise classes that shamed us for what we ate over the weekend and told us we needed 6 packs. 


We hate the idea of summer bodies, bride workouts, 6 week shreds and so on! Plus, all the companies that make masses of money marketing their products this way, well, don’t get us started! 

This doesn’t make us against losing weight, we just believe your worth is not based on what you look like or the number on the scales. 

With many other fitness programs and the typical method of weight loss, it’s usually coming from a place of self-criticism, a feeling of ‘my body is wrong and I must change’. 

Well, we disagree. Your body is great as it is right here and right now. But it’s absolutely true that our human bodies should be moving to maintain health and wellbeing, regardless of the external looks.

This is what every single MerryBody class represents, it’s a ritual of accepting your body, just as it is, right here and right now. It’s a self-acceptance practice whilst also being an exercise method. 

Really the best way for us to tell you about it is for you to try out a class. This class has a core focus and in just under 10 minutes you will feel the amazing effects of Pilates! 

It’s a complete abdominal focus Pilates class. If you try it out let us know what you think. 

If you loved the class, you should check out our FREE 3 Day Pilates Core Program. You can enrol over here! Join us for 3 days of core focused classes designed to build your core strength, promote better posture and create inner-confidence!  During this Program your abs are going to get the BEST workout.


Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla 

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