Freaking out. So turning 27 is pretty close to 30.

It’s my Birthday today and I turn 27.  I’m not going to lie, this is the first birthday (ever) where I feel a little (eeek) old. I know it’s stupid to think this, don’t you worry! I know I’m actually quite young and just getting into this whole life thing. But 27 is pretty close to 30 and I’m meant to be anxious about that… aren’t I? I should have found my ‘Mr Right’ by now, most of my friends apparently have! Bloody hell, even my little sister has! Then there’s the whole baby thing, don’t even get me started!

I did have a few moments of anxiety… and then instead, I got excited. 

Turning 27 is actually amazing. The past year I really did (start to) figure it all out! YAY! (Yes, I still write ‘YAY’ at the ripe old age of 27 and I don’t care what ANYONE thinks). 

As I turn 27 I can say that I enjoy life and not just aspects of life… I enjoy every single day.  Yep, that is awesome to write. Emma-Carla-Papas-The-Merrymaker-Sisters

After some messy early 20’s filled with alcohol, partying, no real life purpose, a long term relationship: amazing half the time and definitely not-so-amazing the other half, I really did slowly and silently hit rock bottom. It’s a long story but I completely broke at 25 and it took me most of being 26 to get over it. I literally had a quarter-life crisis. 

There are some key things that helped me get through this and to where I am today.

Eating paleo.
When I started eating paleo it was all about physical changes (weight loss, stopped feeling ill, clear skin etc). But really it was just the catalyst for everything else. Cutting the chemicals, sugar, refined carbs, gluten, grains and dairy gave me a clear mind and it led to all of the below…

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
We started merrymakers which led to studying nutrition. When I first signed up for the IIN course I had no idea what I was in for. It 100% changed my life for the better. Yes I became a Holistic Health Coach which gave me confidence to write for merrymakers but I literally health coached myself back to life. I am extremely grateful I signed up, especially for this 1 easy exercise called the circle of life (read about it here).

Woah. Amazing, can I say it again? Changed my life. I wholeheartedly say that meditation improved my life and it will improve your life. Meditation led me to mindfulness, self-love and being present. My brain space was taken up with the past, or thinking about future issues, meditation allowed me to live in the present and create an amazing life.

We always say “less stuff, more life”. Thanks to the discovery of Becoming Minimalist I’ve embraced minimalism. I’m happier, healthier and way less stressed about money (no more weekly shopping sprees definitely helps this!).

Saying farewell to negativity.
Seriously, it was time to say good bye to the negativity in my life. It started with external relationships. I stopped allowing negative people to be part of my life. I ended the relationships that drained me and made me feel bad about myself. Then I finally said good bye to negative self-talk, I’ve always been my own worst critic. I was forever looking in the mirror or at my life and putting me down. It’s definitely been a journey but I finally feel confident and positive about myself.

TV and movies.
Throughout my early 20s I spent a lot of my spare time going to the movies, watching TV or TV series marathons. You might already know that NOW we don’t own a TV (guess how many years the average person spends watching the TV?), we rarely go to the movies and the only series I’ve watched in the last 18 months is Girls (it’s hilarious).  Looking back I realise (in Marianne Williamson’s words) I wasn’t a star in my own life. I was living through characters… that’s an AHA moment. Without these entertainment distractions I have the energy and focus for myself and goals.

It started with a documentary based on Joseph Campbell: Finding Joe. It inspired me to follow my bliss, it opened my eyes to spiritually, it left me expanded and uplifted. I now spend spare time reading and watching inspirational and informative books, documentaries/movies. 

The inspiration (I mentioned above) allowed me to discover my spirituality (*note: still and always will be discovering this). Reading blog posts and talking with like-minded souls also helps. I just finished the book ‘Growing into Grace’ by Mastin Kipp, he writes about this spiritual movement and calls it the ‘Spiritual Seeker Generation’. Carla and I fit perfectly in to this, we don’t identify with any religion or belief in particular but we’re open to everything and know there is more to life than money, stuff and things. We believe we’re all here for a reason and here to bring good to our world. I feel like I have so much more to say on this… but I can’t put it into the words just yet.  I’m really excited about this journey.

Actually followed my bliss.
I quit my job and it was the best decision I ever made.  I now wake up every day happy, excited to work and feel like I am contributing good to the world. Carla and I both haven’t looked back and Joseph Campbell was right when he said “follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were once only walls.” It was like as soon as we hit SEND on our resignation emails the universe heard and we were in this flow (YES, it exists and we’ll write more about this soon!).

The Shoulds.
I realised there are no shoulds. I don’t have to be married and have kids by a certain age. I don’t need to be in the typical 9-5 ‘secure’ job. I don’t have to act a certain age (what does that mean for ‘adults’ anyway?!).  I don’t need to care about what anyone thinks about me. That’s kinda cool.

I’m positive I could keep going on and on but there is paleo cake to be eaten and maybe a paleo cocktail to be drunk!

I’ll leave you with one last thing to ponder on… a lady in a jewellery shop in Bondi told me this and it really stuck with me.

Our hearts grow to a certain age and stay that age forever. 

I liked that a lot. I think my heart is 24… and staying 24.

Always merrymaking,



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