11: Side Hustle to Full Time MerryBiz, How We Made our First Dollar and What we Do Now

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In episode 11 on #MerryBiz we share insight into the Merrymaker world.

We cover the question of: how we make money. Why? Because we get asked this question at LEAST once a week.

We’re big on sharing… so here’s an episode just for YOU if you’re one of the many people who wonder that same question.

This episode will inspire you to think outside the square and help you realise that ANYTHING is possible. Because seriously. Anything is possible. 

Take a listen!

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Some stuff we cover… 

  • How we made our first dollar.
  • The transition from side hustle to full time MerryBiz.
  • Why it’s important to have several income streams.
  • The income streams we have at the moment.
  • Our plans for the near future.
  • Why ‘stability’ and ‘security’ is just an excuse.

“What you focus on grows”

Links to the extra stuff we talked about…

Our book
Success stories from Make Life Merry

“We love to connect with our audience. That’s where the magic is.”

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“Listen to your audience. What do they love? What don’t they love? Then implement new things accordingly.”

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