The Best Almond Milk Coffee in New York City.

We’re not going to lie, we don’t have a super long list for the best almond milk coffee in New York City!  We love a little risk every now and again but not when it comes to coffee! We say, once you find a good place you should stick to it. We just don’t have any time or patience for bad coffee!  
The best almond milk coffee in New York City goes to Hu Kitchen and Butchers Daughter, hands down!
You’ve read it before, this place rocked our freaking socks and the coffee was ahhhmazing! It was hot so we went for the organic coconut milk coffee from the fridge section most days. But all options were delish, all organic, all paleo! Meaning take your pick from coconut milk, grass fed butter or homemade almond milk.
HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York9
This place is adorable and we took the best best flat lays due to the super good lighting and pretty tables! It’s a vegetarian cafe, we didn’t test anything from the menu but the coffee was perfect! Made with homemade almond milk or cashew milk. The cafe was a short walk from our apartment in the Lower East Side.
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‘Black Label’ cold brewed coffee, yes please! Juice Press is a big cold pressed juice company with a heap of locations around NYC. We skipped the juice and enjoyed their cold brewed almond milk coffee! It’s made with their ‘Black Label’ almond milk, they use coconut water instead of water to make it mega tasty and energising!
The Best Almond Milk Coffee in New York City
This is an international franchise (we’d never heard of it). It’s filled with very good looking unhealthy but organic treats! We didn’t eat any but the coffee was good! They serve almond milk and they taste good!
best almond milk coffee in new york
We told you the list wasn’t very long! We found this great article with even more information for the best almond milk coffee in New York City.
YAY for good almond milk coffee in NYC!
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