The Best Places to Eat Paleo in New York City.

What a trip! What. A. Trip! New York you did good! #merrymakersDoNYC was a huge success for us in many ways. Not only did we find the best places to eat paleo in New York City but we had several AHA! Moments or as we like to call them: bliss breakthroughs! But that’s not what today is about. Today is all about the best places to eat paleo in New York City and oh. My. Food! There are some delish places to share with you all! So let’s get down to business…

Hu Kitchen, 78 5th Avenue

If you followed the #merrymakersDoNYC hashtag even for one day, you would know that Hu Kitchen was our local haunt for the entire trip. We even deemed it as the best place to eat in New York, full stop, not just the best place to eat paleo in New York (which it was). A cafeteria style place serving brekky, lunch, dinner and everything in between. For brekky, order the 2 organic eggs with 2 sides, a cold brewed coconut milk coffee and take home a piece of choc walnut brownie! Oh, and why not a packet of choc coated almonds for the walk home?! Our tip! Pick up an avocado from one of the fruit and veg stands along the way and add this to your meal (hehe! Yes, we really did this).

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York4

Sauce, 78 Rivington Street

We’re not big on Chef names, as in, we know very few but we dined out at Sauce which is run by Chef Frank Prisinzano (a big name!). Now this is simple, good italian food with a nose to tail policy (that is, you use the entire animal when cooking, we like this and it’s very paleo friendly). For 2, share the Bollito Misto (means slowy braised sliced meats) platter, the zucchini limone as well as a side of yams and greens. Be sure to mention you’re gluten free, they will leave off a few things from the meat platter. 

paleo in new york 4

Mighty Quinns, several locations but we went to 103 2nd Avenue

You want American BBQed meats? Yes? Us too! Mighty Quinns is another cafeteria style place to eat. Think meat, meat and more meat! Do not dine here if you are a vegetarian. Order half a chicken and a serve of brisket (they are known for their brisket). They each come with coleslaw (ask for vinegar based) as well as a selection of yummy pickles! The broccoli buttermilk and bacon side dish (primal not paleo) is delish and order a side of the maple walnut sweet potato mash – #yum. All this was under $30 (US).

paleo in new york

Dig Inn, several locations, we visited 150 E 52nd Street

Perfect for when you need a quick, simple meat and veg meal. Ask for the chicken with whatever seasonal salad you prefer! Meals for around $9 (US).


Bare Burger, again, LOADS of locations, we went to 85 2nd Avenue

Organic, tasty, local burgers. Ask for the jerk chicken burger wrapped in lettuce, comes with tomato and onion. We added a fried egg. Yum! Of course, you MUST get a side of sweet potato fries (the oil isn’t very paleo friendly but they were super yum).


Spitzers Corner, 101 Rivington Street

This bar is way too popular, go in for an early dinner (around 5.30pm) to beat the crowds, also open for weekend brunch. Order the baked salmon… and yes, we may have enjoyed some sweet potato fries here too! 

paleo in new york3

Smorgasburg Markets

A MUST MUST MUST do for when you are in New York. Head over to Williamsburg on Saturdays or Brooklyn on Sundays and there is one stall that you MUST visit. Carnal – slow cooked, bbq’ed meats that are the definition of delicious. Hands down the second best place to eat paleo in New York City! We had the most amazing confit pork ribs and belly. HUGE portion, we got one each but you probably could share, especially if you want to try out another stall’s delish food. We have already said we will be going back to New York, purely for Carnal’s pork ribs!

paleo new york

Dinosaur BBQ, 604 Union St Brooklyn

This one is in Brooklyn and it’s worth the walk (or subway ride!). We say walk, that way you can work up an appetite! Order the share platter of slow cooked meats with sauteed market vegetables and a cucumber salad. 

paleo in new york

Chelsea Markets, 75 9th Ave

Another must visit for when you’re in New York! Walk along the highline and then pick up a naked hot dog from Dickson’s Farmstand. Ask for sauerkraut or kimchi on top! All local, grassfed, high quality meat. Plus, you can get a good dose of shopping done here with loads of local artists selling their beautiful creations.

paleo in new york 3

Caravan of Dreams, 405 E 6th St

One for the vegans! Yay! We had the most amazing salad from here. Order any salad off the menu, they all looked and sounded amazing. 

caravan of dreams

Blue Ribbon Brasserie 97 Sullivan St South Village 

We went here for a seriously magical dinner! We had dinner here with Joshua, the founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (this is the nutrition school we study with), so that was already amazing and to top it off the roast chicken with sweet potato and greens was absolutely delish! When you walk past you wouldn’t think to go in but trust us… the food is amazing!

Empanada Mama Express, 189 E. Houston St

Ok, so this ‘meal’ was probably a little naughty but seriously, we HAD to try it! Apparently we tasted the best plantain chippies and yuca fries in New York City, of course with a side of guacamole! Sheesk, they were delish! It was our first plantain chip/yuca fry experience and we definitely enjoyed it! 

paleo in new york 2

Cafe Mocha, 116 2nd Avenue

Great omelettes and almond milk coffee. Ask for no bread, no fries (yes, they serve their omelettes automatically with fries) but add a side of avocado!

paleo in new york2

We also have a huge list of places to try that we just didn’t have time to get to! We’ve popped them on the ‘Next New York City Visit List’. Like ABC Kitchen, GustOrganics, Pure Food and Wine and Sweet Green. Plus! We are sure you have some must visit places in New York City?! Comment with your favourite healthy hot spot and we’ll add it to the list!

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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