Here’s why you hate exercise… and here’s how to change that for good


When you hate doing something… you’re less likely to do it. Right?

So if you hate exercise, you most likely also struggle to create an exercise habit.

And we are guessing this might be why ‘create a consistent exercise habit’ has been on your to-do list and goals list for what seems forever. 

Is this you?

Do you hate exercise?

Do you dread the gym?

Maybe you can’t stand running.

Do you dislike bootcamp instructors barking orders at you?

Do you have this big negative feeling towards exercise… therefore you never do it?

We get it. But also we want to remind you that you’re meant to be moving your amazing body. 

Humans aren’t designed to be sedentary.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten or never felt just how GOOD moving your body can make you feel in both your mind and body!

The problem isn’t that you hate exercise.

The problem is that you hate the types of exercise you’ve tried. And you hate the way these types of exercises are delivered to you.

The good thing is that you can create a new relationship with exercise. You can actually switch your hate for moving… to joy for moving. 

To create this new relationship with exercise, let’s start by breaking down the common “workout myths” that create that negative mindset toward exercising in the first place.

Myth 1: You have to be in pain and feel like you’re dying to see progress

It’s finally time to break the dangerous idea that if you’re not killing yourself, you’re not REALLY working out.

Let’s say it together now… It’s OK if you don’t break a sweat that leaves every inch of your body drenched or feel like you’ve thrashed your body to a point where you can’t walk for days.

In fact, a high-intensity workout program isn’t for everyone! An exercise practice that calms your mind and body might be what you need. 

Myth 2: You have to spend hours at the gym to see any results

So many people think this way. More time slaving away equals more results. It just makes sense, right? Actually, not at all!

When you shift your focus and change your concept about what it means to be healthy, more hours in the gym is not the answer.

Instead, it’s simply about finding a window of time when you have the energy and availability to move your body – this could be 10 minutes some days!

We believe that SOMETHING is better than nothing. When you lose the all-or-nothing mindset, you get more creative and flexible with your workouts. Don’t have an hour to workout? No problem, whack on a 5 minute Pilates class and you’ll feel energised in no time. In fact… try this class below:

Myth 3: Exercise is only for weight loss

If you’ve ever watched a reality weight loss show or scrolled past the Instagram feed of fitness influencers, you might have the idea that exercise is purely for external transformation. And if you don’t have a shocking before and after photo then you’re a failure. 

This is NOT TRUE. What’s most important is committing to getting your body moving a few days a week, in a way that fits your schedule.

While we’re on the weight loss topic, of course, moving your body can help you lose weight. But exercise can actually do so much more for you. 

Think back to a moment in your life when you did a great workout that you enjoyed… how did you feel after? More focussed? More energised? More patient? More loving? More excited for life itself?

It’s a fact that when you exercise, feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins are released, this is why you feel so amazing after a workout! Exercise really can make you feel amazing.

Myth 4: There’s such a thing as a ‘quick fix’

With all the extreme workouts and 6-week diets floating around online, it’s easy to get the idea there’s such a thing as a quick fix. But here’s the thing… scratch the surface and these so-called ‘quick fixes’ are little more than marketing. 

We’ve gone on our fair share of these diets. Sure, they can make you lose weight, and fast, but usually what happens is you simply put the weight back on. Not to mention, these extreme diets can also wreak havoc on your body. 

Rather than doing something for a short time in hope of results that last a long time… wouldn’t it make more sense to find a way to move your body sustainably? To find a way to move that didn’t feel like a chore? Wouldn’t it be better to find a way to exercise that you actually enjoyed? Imagine if you could look forward to moving your body. Imagine if moving your body became as habitual as brushing your teeth.

The Answer is: JOY

Somewhere, somehow and for some reason the common idea of being healthy puts practically zero emphasis on loving and being kind to yourself. Exercise puts zero emphasis on the fact that we are allowed and can enJOY the process. 

If you don’t believe us, then you simply haven’t found the right movement for you… and you probably still believe one of the myths above.

You see, when you enjoy something, you are way more likely to want to do it. It’s like if you’re enjoying a good book, you feel inspired to pick it up and keep reading.  Or if you enjoy hanging out with your friends, you want to do it again! It’s pretty simple.

So it’s time to treat your exercise the same way. 


Your goal in the immediate future is to discover a way of exercising that makes you smile. 

For us, it’s combining our self-acceptance practice WITH our Yoga and Pilates, this made all the difference. We took away the focus of body transformation and weight loss and instead, dedicated our movement to being kind to ourselves, to respect ourselves. This was and continues to be a huge driver of joy, not just for us but for our 1000s of MerryBody members!

Rather than our workout feeling like a chore it now feels like a dedication.

This is why we run the I’m Already Amazing Challenge every year during the New Year period. We too are sick of the 12 week transformation quick fixes that simply make you feel like sh!t. Our Challenge is a big up yours to diet culture.

You see, our 21 Day Challenge is a dedication to you. It’s 21 days to remind yourself that actually, you’re already amazing just as you are. It’s 21 days to remember the amazingness that is already inside of you. 

It’s 21 days of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Motivation. So if you want to unbelieve and unlearn all the myths we’ve shared above, we know our Challenge is the perfect place to begin. 

Read more and join us here, we start on 23 January 2023.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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