Empowering Stories: Insights from MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training Alumni


We’ve compiled a series of testimonials from recent graduates of the 200 hour MerryBody Online Yoga Teacher Training. Here’s a collection of video reviews for you, these are especially useful if you’re looking at joining the next Cohort of Teacher Training. To find out more about the next Training intake, head on over here. 

Before you sign up for MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training watch these inspiring stories!

Hear directly from graduates and gain insight into the transformative possibilities of doing Yoga Teacher Training.  

Rana is teaching Yoga at her local Gym!

“It’s hard to believe that I have finally reached the end of my Yoga Teacher training. If someone had said to me a year and a half ago that I would be a qualified Yoga teacher, I would have never believed them. It’s so amazing what can happen in a relatively short period of time!”

Rana has been a part of the MerryBody community since the beginning! She felt the benefits of Yoga and had the desire to learn more and share it with others. For us, it was amazing to see her flourish within the Yoga Teacher Training. She is truly inspiring! 

Read more about Rana over here. 


Sue experienced many AHA moments!

“I have learned to love myself more, be myself, and to be authentic. This has been a time where I thought I would just learn more about Yoga – the history and how to do the poses more effectively. But this has been so much more, and will continue to resonate through me and with me as I keep practising and learning. It is my lifelong commitment that is never ‘done’.”

This is the most amazing part of doing a Yoga Teacher Training, you sign up to dive into the practice, to learn how to teach Yoga, to gain a certification… and you finish with so much more!

Read more about Sue’s journey over here. 


Kirsty is following her bliss!

“Slowing the patterns of my mind, I can get an understanding of who I am and who I am truly meant to be. I’ve learned to observe and be aware of my thoughts, my body, my feelings. I have always had a sense of feeling I was meant to be doing something else, however I ignored it, because I followed another desire. But now I sit, and l hear what my truth tells me, and it tells me to follow my path forward with my Yoga journey.”

Every time we watch Kirsty’s video, it brings tears of joy to our eyes. We are so honoured to be part of each and every one of the MerryBody Yoga Teacher Graduates stories. 


Yoga Teacher Training gave Bridget confidence and ignited her enthusiasm 

“I became more interested in the program each week, I was so excited to complete classes and assessments, and just genuinely took so many learnings from this journey. I can’t wait to go back to week 1 content, go over what I’ve already learned and discover even more along the way.”

This is why we are big believers and advocates for following your bliss and passion! When you do what you truly love, it ignites something within you, it enriches your own life but also inspires those around you. 

Read more about Bridget’s story over here.  


Min is now teaching Yoga in her community

“Growing up and into my adult life I have always been known in connection to somebody else – the bank manager’s daughter, Paul’s wife, my children’s mother… and now in the Yoga process I have found ME. I will teach Yoga as ME in my own identity. Yoga is a place for me just to be me and feel that all is right in the world.”

When Min first joined the MB Yoga Teacher Training she did not have the desire to teach! And now, after graduating, she’s teaching within her small community! Not only has she experienced all the benefits from the teacher training, but now she’s sharing it. 

Read more about Min over here. 


There really are too many amazing stories to mention in one article. We’ll need to start work on another! But if you can’t wait for the next article, read about Michelle and her Yoga Teacher Training journey here. Or read about Preeti’s Yoga Teacher Training experience here. 

If you have any questions about the MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training we’re here to help! Reach out via email or social media.

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

Ps. You can sign up for our next cohort over here! We only run the training once a year, we begin soon!

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