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We’ve had a bunch of messages asking us “What is the title of your podcast?” Is it called… The Merrymaker Sisters Podcast Show…? ahhhh, no it is not!

Our podcast show is called Get Merry or #GetMerry.

#GetMerry is all about giving you the action steps you need to create healthier, happier, merrier days, weeks, months, years… lives. Each week we bring you fun stories and ‘lessons’ plus we’ll invite the occasional EPIC guest to share the mic with us! 

If you’re sick of fake stuff on the internet…. haha fake news! Get real and Get Merry. 

All the podcast episodes can be found on our website HERE. They are also on iTunes over here. And on Spotify and Stitcher!

These are some of the most popular episodes. And some of our most favourite!

Ep: 141 How to stop obsessing over the number on the scales. 

 We talked about, how to change the way you think about your weight. Why you should get over this obsession with the number on the scales. The fact that if you don’t accept yourself now, you’ll never accept yourself. It’s a great episode!

Ep: 136 Enthusiasm, meditation and botox.

Yes, sometimes our podcast episodes go on tangents… and this is the magic! We live on the Gold Coast and botox seems to come up in convo A LOT! We are fairly against this new obsession. Also we chat meditation and everyone’s secret superpower (that is not used enough!)… your enthusiasm! Get the episode now. 

Ep: 129 How to stop dieting and just live healthy.

In this Get Merry podcast episode we talk about how much diets suck, how they work fast but then you put the weight back on. That the most important thing to work on is your mindset. We tell you how we got over the fad diet obsession. Tune in!

Ep: 131 How Carla lost 8kg with Yoga and Pilates. (oh this one is a great episode!)

“No matter what weight or size, I ALWAYS felt like I needed to lose more weight. Like seeing the number on the scales get lower and lower would bring me happiness, joy and confidence. I was wrong. 

I want to tell you 2 stories. There have been 2 major times in my adult life where I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and far out, do the stories differ. I’ll tell you the endings first (oh yep: spoiler alert), the first one ends not so nice. The second one: well that hasn’t ended yet because I’m living it.” LISTEN here! Just make sure you scroll to the bottom of the blog.

Ep: 125 Advice for you if you want to quit your job.

We talk about how we quit our jobs, the importance of money mindset and self-belief. We discuss the fears around quitting… like failure or what people might think. And so much more! If you are thinking about quitting, this episode is for you! Tune in!

Ep: 117 How to think and grow rich. 

During this episode we talk about the book, Think and Grow Rich. It’s a self-help, self-development book written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill. We know… that’s ages ago but it’s still super relevant. As you can tell by the title it’s about growing in riches BUT it’s not just about our incomes. The philosophy, stories and techniques Hill writes about can be transferred to ANYTHING. It’s a good one, listen now!

This book is about living our full potential. It gives us the tools we need to create the lives we all desire. It’s bloody epic.


We could literally just keep listing all the episodes but that’s enough for now! If you want the whole podcast index you can find it HERE!

If you start listening to the show let us know! And feel free to send through any topic ideas. We love hearing from you. And remember all the podcast episodes can be found on our website HERE. They are also on iTunes over here. And on Spotify and Stitcher!

The best way to keep up to date with every new episode is to subscribe! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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