THR1VE Paleo Summer Body Challenge Update.

As you know we’re currently doing the THR1VE 12 week #summerbody challenge and we are loving it. Yay THR1VE! We have even more energy than before and are eating the right portions… hallelujah. We feel really really reaaaally GOOD! We feel like we did when we first started eating paleo! (That is: before we started eating way too much + over indulging in our paleo sweet treats… oops).

Here is a lowdown of what we’ve been eating most days:

Break(the)fast: weekdays = egg + veggie scramble with half an avocado. Weekend = THR1VE brekky bowl or our own big brekky cook up.

Lunch: super salads = heaps of fresh, low carb vegies + 150-200 grams protein or THR1VE lunch bowl (so far we have tried the lemon + herb chicken, minute steak + naked lamb burger… all are AMAZING… but the minute steak is our number one!)

Dinner: have you seen our blog?… hehe… there are too many options to list! But they always include 150-200 grams protein + lots of fresh + low carb veggies (if it’s green… we are eating it! Yes this means we have cut down on our sweet potato + feeling better for it! We save sweet potato for weight session days, more on this soon).

Snacks: surprisingly, we haven’t been as hungry but when we feel like a snack our current obsession is our low sugar protein smoothie (it’s like a choc-nut-caramelly-coffee party in your mouth) you have got to try it! We have also been chopping up lots of veggies + extra chicken for snacks too.

Sweet treats: a handful of blueberries during the week + we indulge in a small portion of our paleo blueberry coconut crumble or a merrymaker bite on the weekends.


Our goal for this challenge is to feel the best we can + be confident in our summer shorts + singlets. Our aim is not to lose lots of kg’s but to feel + look great! We can already tell that we are well on our way!

To help us with our 12 week challenge we have also been taking LeanHerbs by THR1VE. This is a supplement to boost the metabolism but it’s not packed with caffeine or chemical fat burners (YUCK!)

We won’t be taking these forever but they are that extra boost for our 12 week challenge… and so far, so good!

WORDS by THR1VE: all ingredients are clinically proven and the combination of ingredients helps people melt body fat, and keep it that way.  Especially when used in combination with the recommended THR1VE high protein / low carb / no added sugar diet!

LeanHerbs by THR1VE = Evidence Based Metabolic Support. You can read more on THR1VE’s site.

We’d love to know what you’re doing to prepare for summer! Leave us a comment with your fave healthy recipe! While you’re at it, try out this smoothie… we like to call it: the best low sugar smoothie… ever! Your taste buds will thank us!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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