Why Do People Do Pilates?


Have you been wondering why so many people do Pilates? Maybe you’ve flicked through a magazine or read one of those 10 celebrities who swear by Pilates articles? Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga practice pilates (just to name a few). 

Although Pilates was originally invented in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, it is more popular than ever today. With over 9 million people practising Pilates in 2018 in the US alone. All ages, all genders and all types of people are experiencing the benefits of Pilates.

Instead of you reading about it, why not do a Pilates class right now? Even if you’re not in the mood to do the class right now, watch this class and see if you’re inspired to try it!


In this class, you’ll experience an effective combination of movement that will strengthen your booty, back, arms and core. 

It’s really important to focus on length and control (rather than height and speed) in Pilates. This means if you need to slow down your movement, or take a little break and re-set up, this is absolutely fine. 

During Pilates workouts you’re better off focusing on the quality, rather than the quantity of the move. It’s all about controlled movement, not about flinging your legs and arms as fast as you can.

This is why every single Pilates class will work your core muscles. Because you really need to engage them to stabilise your body and control the movements. 


Although increasing core strength is an amazing benefit of Pilates, this is just scraping the surface. 

And this is what motivates so many people to do Pilates, they experience amazing benefits!

Why Do People Do Pilates?

Full Body Workout

Pilates is famous for its focus on core strength but you will 100% experience a full body workout during a Pilates exercise sequence. Pilates is a low-impact movement that will strengthen and work your amazing body. The work will come from the movement but also the sense of control and stability. We love Pilates, and yes don’t be surprised to see muscle mass increase from this kind of body strength training!

Strengthens Pelvic Floor

Pilates is amazing for your pelvic floor, this is important as a weakened pelvic floor results in  involuntary bladder leakage, sexual dysfunction and more. It’s common to experience, especially for women postpartum, and also through hormonal changes. The great thing? Pilates exercises can and will help to strengthen your pelvic floor. 

Read more about it over here.

Improved Posture and Spinal Health

As we’ve already mentioned, Pilates is an amazing exercise that will improve your core strength. A strong core will help to stabilise your spine, this is important for every single movement you make throughout your day. Whether it’s during a workout or putting your shoes on. 

A strong core and stable back will also lead to improved posture. With a regular Pilates practice you will find it much easier to stand, with shoulders back and relaxed.

Read more about Pilates moves and posture over here

Pilates Prevents Injuries

As we’ve already mentioned, Pilates builds strength but it also helps to improve balance. 

This might not seem so important if you’re in your 20s or 30s BUT as you get older it’s very important to focus some attention on your ability to balance. The better your balance, the less likely you will fall and break a bone, which can be extremely serious when you are older. 

Pilates will also prevent lower back pain. Due to the fact that Pilates promotes better posture and build core strength, there is less pressure on the lower back, therefore less injury and pain occur.

Creates Flexibility and Mobility

Yes, Pilates certainly will strengthen your whole body but it’s equally as important to focus on flexibility. And Pilates ticks this off too! Through both static and dynamic movement you will increase your flexibility.  

Focusing on both stretch and strength will increase your range of motion within joints and muscle groups. With the help of Pilates, you’ll feel a greater sense of comfort and ease during everyday life. 

Standing splits is a Pilates exercise that will not only build strength but will really lengthen and increase flexibility in your hamstrings. Try this class and see for yourself!

Helps Weight Loss

We need to mention the weight loss thing because it’s a big driver for many people. Maybe for you? To be honest, we’re so over using weight loss as a motivator for exercise. It can lead to toxic behaviours and serious obsession (like it did for us). 

Ok, so you might want/need to lose weight, let’s collectively decide you can do that BUT you can also work on accepting your body for what it is right here and now. Because… newsflash, your body is amazing. 

Read more about our weight loss philosophy over here. 

Mood Lifter

Oh wow, is Pilates good for your mental health! In fact, most exercise is great for mental health. Movement helps your body release feel good hormones, like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. 

These hormones promote feelings like pleasure, happiness and love. They are also linked to lowering anxiety, stress and even blood pressure. This is why you’ll usually finish a Pilates class in a great mood! Imagine if you did it regularly?! The good mood would flow out onto every aspect of your life. This movement works for you both mentally and physically. 

Creates Presence

Pilates is a form of exercise where you are focusing on breath throughout the movement. 

The goal is to exhale on the greatest effort of a particular movement. For example, you will inhale to lower and exhale to lift in an abdominal crunch. 

With this focus on the breath, not only does it help you do correct form, it also gets you present. It really creates mind body connection.

Pilates becomes an almost moving meditation. With more and more stress going on in the world, Pilates helps you get out of your head, out of the past or future, and into the moment. 

This is why people do Pilates, there are just so many positive benefits. It’s a workout that will not only make you feel great right after but the long term benefits of Pilates are simply amazing. 

It’s a workout you can take with you throughout your life. We see people of all ages and levels practising, from teens, to new Mums, and our Mum who is 63

We feel very glad that we discovered this way of movement and that we can now teach it and share it with all our members inside our MerryBody Pilates and Yoga App

We can not wait for you to experience the MerryBody difference. SIGN UP HERE and we will send you a free Pilates Class!


Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Please remember that all our advice and recommendations are for information and inspiration.  It’s always important to seek medical advice diagnosis or treatment from an expert.

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