10 Ways to Actually Start Living Your Life.

“Holey sh!t… I almost forgot that I’M ALIVE!” Ok, sounds weird… but it is really easy to forget that we’re alive… once… one time… this. is. it. So, it’s time to start living your life!

We wrote about this in our recent article 10 Ways To Make Life More Magical, it seemed to strike a cord with many of you. We’re super happy it did. Because it’s true. How many times do we forget that this one life is kinda epic? And that we get to choose what we do with it?! And that THIS. IS. IT!

We know we forget sometimes… and we even get to merrymake (aka do something we love) everyday!

We’ve realised that we need to practise LIVING OUR LIVES everyday. Just like brushing your teeth, it’s time to make living our lives a habit.

We brainstormed over chai and nutella cake and came up with 10 ways to help us actually live our life more. 

10 Ways to Actually Start Living Your Life

Since this blog post was first published back in 2016 (can you believe it!) we’ve added a bonus point. Keep reading. 

Get off your phone

Do you spend way too much time on your phone? Check Instagram and Facebook every 30 minutes? Do your fingers cramp up from excessive phone use? Or is that one just us? Nuff is enough.

No more wasting hours every week scrolling through Facebook, coz there’s a lot more interesting stuff happening in real life. We need to make a change and so do you!

When you have dinner plans with friends/family leave your phone. Have a no social media Sunday rule. If a whole day freaks you out (like us) go social media free for just 2 hours (that seems very doable!). 

If you have FOMO, sign up to your favourite websites and stay up top day via email (oh, you can sign up to ours here hehe!). It’s time to stop living through our phones and start living IRL.

Go to the expensive restaurant

Spend the money on the fancy food and restaurant and don’t feel guilty for a second. We’ve all got to eat right? Well, why not make it an extra special experience? We’re not talking every day, but what about once a month? Or every 2 months? And this can be translated to anything and everything you love, concert tickets, weekends away… but more experiences rather than material belongings. 

Fill your life with love

Start with you. We tend to be our toughest critics and as you know these critical thoughts create our reality. The more negative thoughts you have about yourself the more negative situations you will attract.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but it’s time we all learn to love ourselves.

If this makes you feel weird at least start being a little nicer to yourself. Positive affirmations helped us in huge ways, checkout this article on un-wanky positive affirmations

When you love yourself you’re able to love others even more. Surround yourself with people you care about. Tell them you love them every day. Fill life with love and watch life flow.

You don’t need that new pair of shoes

For some people, this might seem the opposite to living but for us, we’re all about the less stuff, more life motto. Sometimes all that stuff is occupying more than just physical space. Clutter causes anxiety and you have to clean more (which sucks), maybe it’s time you embraced a little minimal living. Read more about this here.

Find a job you love

It might just be your job to pay the bills. But remember the 8 hours per day, 5 days per week ‘pay the bills job’ takes up a whole big chunk of your life.

This week take note of all the times you complain about your work and why.

Over the weekend, read over it and use it as motivation to make a change. New job, new tasks, new team or work towards following your passion.

You don’t need to change the world, but you’re allowed to enjoy your work (aka huge chunk of your life). If you’re looking for extra inspiration sign up to our podcast Get Merry over here. It’s filled with inspiration, you’re gonna get some AHA Moments! We promise! 

Or, if you’re looking for a course to dive into, join us on our next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Not only will you gain a fully certified accreditation to teach Yoga you’ll experience so much more. This course is life-transforming, prepare for immense self-development and growth in 16 weeks. Learn more HERE!

Give more

Give more of your time, your money and/or your resources. Not only do you get to help someone but you also help yourself. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you help someone? Giving brings more fulfilment to life. You’ll also more than likely cause a ripple effect. You’ll help someone, others will notice and they’ll be motivated to do the same. 

You could even give a smoothie.

Say NO to stuff you don’t want to do

Notice how crap you feel when you say yes to something you really don’t want to do just because you feel bad saying no? That horrible feeling drags out until you have to do the thing you really don’t want to do. 

Then you actually have to do the thing you don’t want to do.

Ahh we always used to put ourselves in this situation until one day we just decided muff was enough (there’s been a lot of that in this post! It’s kinda fun to say too: nuff is enough!).

Instead of saying YES, simply be honest and say NO.  

You might feel bad for about 5 minutes. The more you practise this the less bad you’ll feel because you’ll learn how to own those decisions. Prepare to feel empowered! You’ll also have more energy and time to spend on the stuff you love!  

Make health your priority 

No amount of money, shiny stuff or job promotions compare to good health because without health you literally have nothing. Eat mostly real food, but don’t stress about restrictions. Move your body, even if it’s just a little, every day! Need a program? Here, have a 2 week FREE PASS off MerryBody Yoga and Pilates classes! 

Ask for what you want

If you don’t ask the answer is always no. Ask for help and ask for exactly what you want. If the answer is still no… it might just lead you to something even better. 

live in the now

Don’t wait

Time is your most valuable resource, stop waiting around for the good stuff to happen! Go out and make the good stuff happen.

Get present!

You could do all the above but if you’re not living in the moment are you even living at all?! Since writing this post, we have dived deep (so deep!) into the world of Yoga and Meditation. It’s helped us understand the importance of the present moment and it’s helped us navigate our minds. These practices have been GAME CHANGER! Instead of stressing over the past and forever feeling anxious about the future we feel more content and more in the present moment than ever. 

Yes, you should definitely get that 2 week free pass now! Download the MerryBody app and hit play on a 5 minute guided meditation. Experience a complete shift in how you feel in just moments. Access Your 2 weeks now! Click here!


Start living life. Starting living NOW! Each day is a day you’ll never be able to live again. So make it worth remembering. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

Shoe image via Aleksander Dębowski. Feature image via Unsplash

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