12: How to Dominate Instagram and Build an Epic Sales Funnel with Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine

nathan chan


Episode 12’s guest on #MerryBiz Today’s is EPIC. In his 20’s, he founded the top 10 ranked digital magazine Foundr, a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs, delivering material straight from the mouths of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Featuring the likes of Richard Branson, Marie Forleo and Seth Godin just to name a few. 

Foundr is now a multi-faceted digital media business spreading the love of entrepreneurship through its podcast, magazine and training platform.

Within 2 years he built up the platform to serve over 1 million entrepreneurs and created a multiple 6 figure business.

We are SO excited to welcome Nathan Chan to #MerryBiz! 

Take a listen!

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Nathan is in the middle of re-launching his online course: Instagram Domination! The freebies he is giving out to EVERYONE are so full of value! Check them out! 

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Some questions we ask… 

  • So… how did you get your ‘job’?
  • How do you score interviews with leading entrepreneurs (e.g. RICHARD BRANSON! Woha!)
  • Why should businesses be on Instagram?
  • How do you move your Instagram followers onto your database/email list?
  • How do you leverage and scale your business?

“Give away something so good that you could charge for it.”

Some moments of AHA! in this episode…

  • The post-it note action to take every morning.
  • Why you should ask your audience what they want.
  • Why you have to keep your lead magnets fresh, so you can segment your audience.
  • Why you need to build trust with your audience before they will buy from you.
  • How recurring income will change your business.

“If you want someone to take an action… you have to ask them.”

Links to the extra stuff we talked about…

The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Reaching and Interviewing Top Influencers

FREE Instagram eBook: How to Get Your First 10K Followers

Foundr Club

@foundrmagazine on Instagram

“No one can copy the trust and credibility you’ve built.”

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“The most successful entrepreneurs execute ridiculously fast.”


We want to give a HUGE shout out to the amazing guys of Drawing North for providing the podcast music of #MerryBiz. Yes, they are kinda epic. You gotta check them out! This is our favourite song

“Life is not promised.”

What was your biggest AHA!?

We wanna hear all about it! Share your moments of AHA! or the action your gonna take after listening to this #MerryBiz episode! 

“You need to be hungry and speak to the right people.”

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