A Paleo Lifestyle is NOT a Meat Eaters Diet. You’ll eat more Vegetables than ever!

paleo roast vegetable salad

We LOVE vegetables! What’s not to love? They’re pretty to look at, delicious to eat and play a major part in our optimal health and happiness! Vegetables officially rock our merrymaker world!

It really does peeve us off when we hear the negative media spin about paleo being a ‘meat eaters diet’. It’s a lie, a paleo lifestyle is NOT a meat eaters diet. We’ve never eaten more vegetables in our lives since following a paleo lifestyle! TRUE STORY!

Paleo says goodbye to grains, legumes, sugar, dairy, gluten and seed oils and a huge hello to more veggies! We eat exactly the same (or maybe even less) meat now compared to pre-paleo days! The major difference with our meat consumption is that we eat better quality, grass fed and organic meat! Really, paleo is just a REAL FOOD, NATURAL FOOD diet!

Why does that deserve negative media? Oh yeah, it doesn’t! Really, most paleo people eat more vegetables than a vegetarian! #truthbomb Because we skip the empty fillers like rice and pasta and replace them with cauliflower for cauli-rice and zucchinis for zuchetti! If you do this, you’re amazing! You’re making simple changes to benefit your life!

Pumpkin and Bacon Cauli-rice with SageThis gets us mega excited!

We won’t just talk about it, we’ll show you! Here’s a REGULAR day on a merrymaker plate at this very moment! This is what we ate today (we wrote this on 30 March).

Breakfast our bone broth and you guessed it, we added more veggies! Think: dinner leftovers of roast pumpkin and broccoli. We also had a little meat from the lamb neck bones we used in our broth. There’s a whole lot of nourishment and deliciousness going on at MerrymakerHQ at brekky time!

delicious healthy roast pumpkin2Lunch scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado and sauerkraut. Simple, easy and super dooper quick to whip up!  Protein from the eggs, good fats from the avocado, nutrients from the spinach and good bacteria for our guts from the sauerkraut!

Dinner simple baked salmon (here’s a recipe) with pesto avocado noodles (another recipe)  and…  more vegetables! Steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts. DROOL!

paleo_pesto_zoodles_featureSnack/dessert today we enjoyed our Sweetener Free Chocolate Raw Cake aka The Good Fat Cake! This cake is seriously good!

sweetener free good fat cakeHere’s the disclaimer: just remember that all our sweet treats are still treats especially ones high in natural sugars. Our Paleo Salted Choc Carmel Slice is by far our favourite and most popular sweet treat recipe! It certainly fits the high in natural sugar category.

There it is, a day on a plate of a merrymaker. It’s 100% paleo and if anyone thinks it looks like a meat eaters diet we’d love to hear from you! And feel free to send this blog post on to anyone who believes that paleo is a meat eaters diet! So you can tell them… I told you so (hehe that’s cheeky isn’t it!).

Want some more veggie filled recipes? Check out our Green Seaweed Salad or our Slow Roasted Eggplant Boats! Delish!

Lastly we just want to remind you that  it’s all about the journey of your own health. What we eat on a daily basis isn’t going to be perfect for you and it won’t be perfect for us forever. Be kind to yourself, tune in to YOU and do what makes you feel good (actually we should edit that to do what makes you feel FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!). 

Always merrymaking (and eating heaps of veggies!),

Emma + Carla    

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