8 healthy low carb snack recipes that are perfect for portion control


A discussion about post-yoga snacks inside the amazing MerryBody community inspired this round-up of 8 healthy low carb snack recipes. The best thing about these low carb recipes is that they are perfect for portion control. 

Double chocolate keto fat bombs

We love making a batch of these and leaving them in the freezer for snacks all week. Best post pilates snack ever! Get the recipe.

Raw keto chocolate brownies

They’re fudgy, delicious and super easy to make. Grab the recipe here.


Low carb crackers

We have a bunch of c racker recipes. Try this one or this one. So yum.


Keto cookie dough bites

We forgot about this recipe and now it’s moved to the top of our to-do lists. Check out this super easy low carb recipe HERE.


Keto bread

The perfect recipe is you are more into savoury snacks. Once cooled slice it up and freeze in portions of 2. Grab the recipe here.


Low carb zucchini fritters

To be honest you’ll probably want to eat these all at once because they are that good. Checkout the recipe. 


Bacon, egg and avocado fat bombs.

Seriously, what even are these masterpieces? This recipe is exclusive to the Get Merry app, check out the fat bomb bundle section.


Keto chocolate

Now, this is a great idea! Check out the recipe here.


So now, the next most important decision for you to make is which low carb snack recipe you’re going to make. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s all these recipes are also on our app! The Get Merry recipe app makes healthy cooking even easier, there are now over 400 recipes on the app and this continually grows! Download the app on Android and iPhone HERE.

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