Is This Why You Struggle to Exercise?


This time, you tell yourself, “it’s going to be different”. You’re determined to create a consistent exercise habit. You even pencil out a plan. You buy the new runners. You’ve got the Yoga mat, it’s been there in the corner, waiting for you to unroll it. You make the plan, and perhaps you get day 1 ticked off but then day 2 arrives, day 5, day 16 comes along and you realise you didn’t follow through once again. 

Somehow you didn’t make it happen. You didn’t stick to your plan, the days flew by. You got busy. The kids got colds. Work got crazy. You give yourself a little nudge of annoyance.

The first step, give yourself a dose of self-kindness and compassion. Life is too short to feel regret and guilt over failed exercise regimes! However, if you actually want to make a change, if you actually want to experience the many amazing benefits of a committed exercise routine, keep reading. It’s time to know yourself, it’s time to get honest with yourself. 

Is This Why You Struggle to Exercise?

Do any of the below resonate? And if they do, you’ll also notice we’ve added ideas on how you can overcome these blocks. It’s time for you to create a consistent exercise routine! Even if you’re feeling the self-doubt creep in as you read that… we believe in you! It’s time for you to believe in yourself too. 

Lack of Self-Belief

Your mindset is so important and your lack of self-belief can be a serious block to you creating an exercise routine. Especially if you’ve tried and failed in the past. If you ever hear yourself say the words “I just lack discipline” or “I always start and fail” or “I’ve never been able to stick to anything”… it’s time to make a conscious change. Your words and your self-talk are very important. We are not saying when you change your mindset you’ll magically change. But, your shift in mindset and self-talk will absolutely set you up for success.

If you’re struggling, try this! Firstly well done, the first step is self-awareness. Next step, begin to question those beliefs. If you find yourself truly thinking or saying ‘I can’t do this’. Question it! As Byron Katie would say, is it really in fact true? Have you tried? See if you can shift the thoughts and be a little more open with your self-beliefs. We’re also a big fan of creating a visualisation practice, you can read more about that over here!

Your Muscles May be in Shock! 

If you’re not used to exercising, your body might freak out a little. If you’ve led a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, your muscles are very used to inactivity. Starting an exercise routine can lead to discomfort or even pain. 

What to do? Start slow! Begin with short workouts, this is why we LOVE 10-minute Pilates and Yoga classes. They are the perfect way to ease into exercise. Even the anticipation of pain or discomfort can be a block to exercise. Don’t start too big, just take one little step followed by another and so on. 

Serious Self-Judgement and Fear of Judgement

Are you forever comparing yourself to others and judging yourself less than everyone else?  Do you easily pick out all the things wrong with you? Whether it’s about your looks, what you said or even your lack of ability to commit to an exercise routine? Or perhaps you are always fearing the judgement of others? Imagining all the nasty things others say about you? 

Hold up! When you notice your self-judgement creeping in, it’s time to welcome your self-compassion pratice. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding as you would a close friend. Speak to yourself in a gentle, forgiving manner. Especially when you stuff up, even when you make mistakes. As our History and Philosophy Teacher says within our Yoga Teacher Training…

“When do we show compassion to ourselves? ALWAYS!” Andrew Mournehis

When it comes to letting go of judegment from others. It’s time to get real… are you imagining this judgement (that is self-judgement in disguise) or are they saying it to your face? Often, when someone judges you, it’s a reflection of their own insecurities, beliefs, or struggles. It’s not necessarily about you. But, it’s still not nice so it’s important to communicate why it bothers you, create some boundaries or reduce their presence in your life. 

Access and Affordability

Not everyone has a gym next door or walking paths nearby. Not everyone can or wants to afford the fancy Pilates studio! The thing is you don’t need any of these! There is always an option for you, you simply need to look and try! 

Alright, what are the options? Put on a great playlist right now, and dance around the house! The below playlist is actually perfect for your dance party at home! Another option! Online exercise classes! These can be free or much more affordable than in person classes. Our MerryBody App starts from just $28 per month!


Too busy, No Time to Exercise!

Modern lifestyles can be incredibly busy. Between work, family, house and social commitments, carving out time for regular exercise can feel overwhelming It can feel impossible! It’s one of the most common things we hear when it comes to exercise struggles. 

The answer is simple. Stop trying to squeeze in 1 hour or even 45 minute workouts into your jam-packed schedule. If you know you struggle with time, this 1 hour workout goal only sets you up to fail and so the vicious cycle continues. Start with 10 minute workouts and workout at home, this way you don’t spend time driving or parking! We actually have a free 5 day plan of 10-minute Yoga and Pilates classes. Sign up HERE!

Unrealistic Expectations and Goals

In a world addicted to instant results, it’s easy to feel deflated when you don’t see/feel immediate changes to your body or fitness levels. Exercise is a long-term commitment, in fact, it’s a forever commitment!  Plus those instant results don’t usually last very long! 

Get realistic and expand your goals! If you’ve not exercised in a while it’s going to take some time before you feel and see big changes, especially if your goal is focused on the looks of your body alone. If you’re only focusing on weight loss, then this will take some time (especially to lose weight in a healthy way). But if you bring other results into the picture like… happier, more energised, less stressed or better sleep… you can experience these results fairly fast! And when you notice these amazing results it will motivate you to keep going and will help you reach other goals. We find that focusing on weight loss is not the best goal for creating an exercise routine, you can read more about our ethos over here.

Lack of Support

Without encouragement or companionship, sticking to an exercise routine can be challenging. So ask yourself, do you feel alone in your exercise journey? Are you surrounded by people who influence you to NOT exercise and NOT eat healthily?

It’s time to check in with your inner circle. We’re not saying to dump bad influences, but be aware and don’t be afraid to do something different. You can still be friends and have different beliefs, ideas and goals. If you don’t have any friends or family who exercise, join a community! In fact, join our MerryBody community! It’s filled with amazing, supportive people. 

Did any of the above struggles relate? Were you reading and nodding along thinking “this is me!”. If so, remember your path to creating a committed exercise habit, your path to fitness… is yours. It’s unique. Recognising your personal blocks can be very helpful! It’s a step towards change, however, you do need to follow it up with another.

If you want extra help in creating your exercise habit, if you’re ready to start exercising with less focus on weight loss and more on feeling amazing. If you’re ready to feel supported and potentially even excited to move your body (yes, it’s possible!). Then sign up to MerryBody, it’s fitness for your mind and body. You can begin your 7 day trial over here.  Prepare for instant access to hundreds of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes, the curated weekly plan, masterclasses and support from us and the whole MB Family. We are so excited! Are you?

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla


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