Stopping the Paleo Diet was the Best Decision we Ever Made.


Since the whole giving up paleo article we published went kinda cray cray all over the internet, we thought it was about time we update you all on where we’re at. It’s always going to be part of our story but stopping the paleo diet was one of the best decision we ever made!

If you haven’t had a chance to read the article make sure you do. It’s here!

The 1 minute run down is that we were sick of the negative vibes around the paleo lifestyle. They suck meatballs. We also ate white rice and corn chips occasionally because sushi rocks and our guacamole missed it’s proper real life corn chip. 

We know, we know we could live ‘paleo’ and eat these non-paleo things occasionally. BUT we just needed a change and we really didn’t want to live by a certain label. Labels shmabels.

Also… some people knew us JUST as the ‘paleo recipe girls’. 

The first question would always be…

“Do you eat paleo 100% of the time?”

And we’d be forever be saying that occasionally we eat blah and blah oh and YES we do other things beside cook and eat! And yes we KNOW cavemen didn’t eat salted caramel slice. Duh.

You might be wondering what we eat these days and how we’re feeling?

You might not be wondering at all but we’re gonna tell you anyway.


We put a major focus on eating more vegetables. And now we make sure we add a greens supplement too. Some days we’re vegetarian. And we feel great.

We still eat meat, we stopped making bone broth (coz really can’t be bothered hehe) but we have gelatin everyday.

We try really hard to not overeat. We used to do this a lot. Even when we were paleo. It was a habit we’d created pre-paleo days and it seemed to come along for the ride. Plus apparently the whole eat as much fat as you like and you won’t put on weight message seemed to come through loud and clear to us. Oops.

So we along with stopping the paleo diet we said good bye to this old habit for good. 

We did this by changing out thoughts around food.

We realised that we’re lucky enough to have access to food All. The. Time. So there’s absolutely no reason to overeat. It just makes you sick and unhealthy. Even when you’re overeating the good stuff, there’s just no reason. If you’re satisfied… stop. If you’re hungry… eat.

This was a big mindset shift. 

We usually have a smoothie for breakfast. This smoothie is our ultimate favourite recipe at the moment. Again with the supps, we add a heap of extra ingredients like turmeric, matcha, maca. It’s yum as, we highly recommend you make it! 

We got un-afraid of bananas. Anyone else stop eating bananas coz of the fructose factor? We know they’re not the best fruit but hey, a nana here and there is OK! Especially when it’s dressed as Nice Cream


We also stopped worrying about carbs so much and realised that sweet potato and white rice actually make us both feel good! Like really good.

A slight shock came about when Carla found out she’s intolerant to almonds and eggs (devastating). Carla doesn’t eat eggs, Emma loves them (yes, third person right now).

When we go out to Mexican restaurants we buy the corn chips and guac and we love every bite and we full on enjoy them! We’ll also get a wine or a margarita to go with them. Maybe one time we got 3 margaritas.

We make the decision to eat/drink the food and enjoy it with zero guilty feelings. It’s those guilty feelings that probably make us more unhealthy than the corn chips and margarita. If you’re going to eat something… make the decision to eat it and OWN IT! Enjoy it! Every single bite.

This follows our Less Stress is Best motto. We follow this motto because we’ve spent way too many hours feeling bad about food we’ve eaten. Living paleo stopped this for a while but not forever. It crept back in. So we made the change.

This might be the lesson in all this, that it’s ok to make a change. In fact it’s a good thing!

So if you’re not feeling that good eating/living the way you are… make a change.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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