35: Create a Healthier, Better, More Sustainable Life and Business with Dr Brett Hill

In episode 35 on #MerryBiz we chat with co-host of 2 of Australia’s top rated health podcasts, public speaker, paleo advocate, chiropractor, barefoot runner and author.

He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print, and he has inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality.

We’re so excited to welcome our very good friend Dr Brett Hill to #MerryBiz!

Take a listen!

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Some questions we ask… 

  • How do you make business decisions… especially how do you decide what to do next?
  • Has there been a big influencer in your life looking back… or even now?
  • What’s your biggest achievement to date?
  • How important is it to engage with your community offline?
  • What’s your biggest business lesson to date?
  • Where do you suggest someone begin with their healthy lifestyle?

“Do the stuff you love and connect it to what your audience needs.”

Some moments of AHA! in this episode…

  • Why you should implement a ‘DO’ day. 
  • How chiropractic can help you function better: physically, spiritually, emotionally.
  • Why you need to be strategic to do your best work. 
  • The relationship between your lifestyle, your thoughts, your work and your life. 
  • How audience feedback can inspire your business choices. 
  • The value of attending live events. 

“Kaizen: small steps of continual and never ending improvement.”

Links to the extra stuff we talked about…

 The Success Principles, Jack Canfield

The Wellness Couch

Dr Brett Hill’s website 

“People over-estimate what they can do in a day… and under-estimate what they can do in a year.”

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“You can’t be all things in all areas at all times. There’s gotta be a bit of give and take.”


We want to give a HUGE shout out to the amazing guys of Drawing North for providing the podcast music of #MerryBiz. Yes, they are kinda epic. You gotta check them out! This is our favourite song

“It’s more important to focus on the direction you’re going… rather than how fast you’re going.”

What was your biggest AHA!?

We wanna hear all about it! Share your moments of AHA! or the action your gonna take after listening to this #MerryBiz episode!

“You need to find balance with business, family and social life so you can find joy in all aspects of your life.”

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