10 refined sugar free and gluten free brownie recipes

Not sure if you’ve ever noticed… but we go through phases with our recipes where we make something we love and we make 5 other versions straight after. It looks like we had a whole year of making epic delicious healthy brownie recipes. Haha.
So, choose your own healthy brownie adventure from the 11 easy recipes below! They’re also all on the Get Merry recipe app HERE. 

Choc almond protein brownies

Oh, this recipe is so delicious! We made it with delish as vanilla protein powder. Perfect for weekly meal prep. Get the recipe here!


Low carb raw choc raspberry brownies 

Nothing beats that chocolate and raspberry combination! The dark bitter chocolate and the juicy tart raspberries compliment each other so nicely. Grab the recipe here


Brownie cookies with peanut butter frosting

And yes you can make brownie cookies… and when you smoosh peanut butter frosting in between it’s like heaven in a cookie. This recipe is awesome, we love them so much! The recipe is on the Get Merry app!

Raw keto chocolate fudge brownies

If you’re eating a low carb style diet this is the recipe for you! We love them so much! Super easy to make as well. Grab the recipe here.

Get merry app


Triple choc chunk brownies

Oh, maybe our favourite recipes of all 11 recipes! It’s all in the delish frosting! Get the easy healthy recipe here!


Low carb Christmas tree brownies! 

Such a FUN recipe! But also delicious in regular brownie shape if it’s not Christmas time (haha). Grab the recipe here


Baked keto brownies

A baked keto brownie variety. Super yum, super low carb. Grab the recipe here


Gluten Free Nut Free Brownie

Ok maybe this healthy brownie recipe is the perfect one for kids! Nut free and gluten free and refined sugar free! And yes, we actually fed it to kids and it’s a winner! Grab the recipe here

No Sweetener Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

We had a phase of not adding any sweetener to our brownies recipes and this was the delicious outcome. Grab the recipe here.

No Sweetener Chocolate Raspberry Brownies2

No Sweetener Pumpkin Cacao Brownie

And yes, you can make brownies with pumpkin.. how cool! Grab the recipe here.

No Sweetener Pumpkin Cacao Brownie4

If you make any of these delish brownie recipes share a pic with us on Instagram! We love seeing your drool-worthy Merry recipes!

Always merrymaking

Emma + Carla 

Ps. if you want more healthy recipes check out the Get Merry recipe app! On iPhone and Android HERE.

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