How To Host An Easy Paleo Brunch.

We’ve covered hosting a paleo party, we’ve got a recipe for an epic Paleo Party Platter… but what about an easy paleo brunch? We’ve always been big brunch fans, actually breakfast at any time of the day goes for us (brinner, anyone?!). This means we’re experienced at putting a simple menu together that will impress all of your guests!

Or, make it even easier and ask your pals to bring a plate to share! We do this all the time and our friends even keep it paleo, yes, we have the BEST of friends! It makes for great conversation too (we love a good recipe swap!).

We always say it’s best to choose dishes that you can prepare before your guests arrive. This way you’re not stuck in the kitchen slaving away or having one eye on the oven timer! After all, it’s about enjoying your time with your beautiful friends! Look how fun our brunch looks (it was really REALLY fun!).

how to host a paleo brunch

What was on our Easy Paleo Brunch menu? Well! Everyone LOVES sweet potato! Right? Right! Our friend brought along this BEAUTIFUL Paleo Spiced Sweet Potato and Carrot Hash! Too easy and too delish. Get the recipe!

how to host a paleo brunch2

Granola is ALWAYS an Easy Paleo Brunch winner because A. everyone loves granola and B. it is so darn easy! This is our new Paleo Brekky Granola! Be sure to have a bowl of fresh berries and some coconut yoghurt to serve it with! Get the recipe here!

how to host a paleo brunch3

Go one step further and make a batch of Home made Cashew Milk to go along with that delicious granola! It’s so creamy and tasty! Find out How To Make Cashew Milk Here!

how to make cashew milk

Eggs are always required at brunch… but trying to fry, poach or scramble for over 4 people can get a little tough we say! Instead, make a batch of our cute mini frittatas

the merrymaker sisters frittata
What’s on your brunch menu? We’d love to hear all about it! How about pancakes? Or fritters?! Oh brunch… we LOVE you!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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