How to make a Healthy Party Platter!


Social outings, parties and gatherings seem to be the typical ‘downfall’ of a healthy lifestyle. 

Maybe it goes like this? 1 mojito, 2 mojito, 3 mojito (floor?)… whole bowl of nachos, plus a slab of sugar, gluten filled birthday cake. Wake up feeling preeeetty sh1t!

We vote no more of this, we are here to help with the ultimate Healthy Party Platter! Yay!

We mean THE ultimate and we can prove it because we served this exact platter at a beer tasting gathering. Yes, you read right, a beer tasting gathering! Guess what, they all loved it and the whole darn thing nearly got eaten.


So we’re 99.9% sure your guests are gonna love this healthy party platter. 

The best bit is that it’s easy as to whip up. This is what we used for 10 people…

  • Epic guacamole dip, we used this recipe but we blended it with crispy fried bacon. Yes, crispy, fatty, delish bacon. So you can imagine this was the first thing to dissapear from the platter!
  • Yum as pumpkin and cashew dip. Extremely popular, but not as popular as the guac and bacon dip (duh). We will post this recipe soon! But literally we blended pumpkin, cashews, basil and olive oil. Easy.
  • 5 carrots, peeled and chopped.
  • 1 large cucumber chopped. 
  • 2 punnets of cherry tomatoes (far out they are yum).
  • A couple handfuls of green beans (cut off the ends… you gotta make it EASY for the people to eat!).
  • 1 apple sliced.
  • 1  punnet of strawberries.
  • 3 kiwi fruits sliced (we leave the skin on coz when we cut the skin off we lose half the kiwi, plus you can eat the skin anyway!).
  • Handful of cherries.
  • About 10 medjool dates halved and pitted.
  • A bag of gluten free, organic corn chips (even healthier option, make these paleo crackers).
  • A bag of veggie chips (another option could be this grain free bread).

As you can see we went for the messy look. Messy and delicious is our style! 


There is so much goodness on this giant platter. Here’s some of the feedback we got from the beer tasting guys

Fruit is so much better when it’s cut up.

This is the best dip I’ve ever eaten, what’s in it?

What’s this? *points to the cucumber* (haha we had to include this, #sorrynotsorry Dan!).

So we know they all loved the platter, we also didn’t serve any real unhealthy option, so this may be the most important thing to do when you host your next social gathering. 

Just serve healthy stuff that tastes amazing and don’t offer the bad stuff. Then there is no way you will eat it. Simply enjoy your mojitos and healthy food!

If you’re worried your guests won’t like it, you could always let them know before hand and they can eat earlier, or they could bring their own plate or (this is the best idea) you could add some healthy cake to the party. 100% they will love it. 

Our paleo salted caramel slice is the best option for current healthy food haters. Seriously the slice will change their minds. If it doesn’t try this mars bar cake or… let’s be honest any of our sweet treats (minus the sweetener free ones, you gotta ease them into those!).

But what about when you’re invited to the unhealthy friend’s party? Where you know there will be epic cheese platters, bowls of chips, lollies and sausage rolls? 

Choose one or more of the following options…

Option one: eat before. 

Option two: remind yourself why you don’t eat that food (you feel sick, you’re trying to lose weight, you want more energy, you only have one body and you CHOOSE to only feed it good stuff etc etc). 

Option three: BYO healthy party platter or healthy sweet treat, we bet everyone will want some! Plus sharing is caring!

Option four: change the way you think about these unhealthy foods, especially the processed foods. After all the ingredients that make up a lot of processed food is NOT food so when you see the bowl of lollies… remember it’s not actually food.

Option five: skip the food. Say what?! Yep, you won’t starve after missing one meal! Just be careful not to drink too much. We’ve all been there (urgh), well we both have. 

Woah, well this turned into an epic post! If you make a healthy party platter show us! Send us a picture on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s if you’re new to this whole healthy eating thing and a little bit confused checkout our FREE eCourse – it’s the PERFECT place to start!



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