5 Reasons Why You Should Try an Online Pilates Challenge


We love hosting online Challenges. We run them every 2 or so months inside our MerryBody Online Studio. As a member you can also access all of our past Challenges, like our 7 Day Online Pilates Challenge, the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, 21 Movement and Mindset Challenge and so many more. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Try an Online Pilates Challenge


Pilates is the best home workout!

We believe mat Pilates, ok Yoga too, are the best home workout options (yes, we are biassed… and?). The classes we teach are inspired by Classical Pilates but we add our core values of joy and self-acceptance. 

All you need is your body, a mat, internet and device. You don’t need any fancy equipment, you don’t even need weights, resistance bands or a magic ring. Just you and a little commitment. 

Hello, full body workouts

Pilates builds strength, it’s known for total body conditioning and body toning magic. And yes, this is amazing! But Pilates also strengthens your core, promotes better posture, boosts your mood and it’s also an amazing injury prevention practice! In our opinion, these benefits are more impressive than total body toning, but you can experience all of them. Read more about the many benefits you can experience from this form of exercise, from mat based Pilates to Classical, this movement really is amazing!

Online challenges help you build consistency

The online challenge is designed to help you create a consistent practice with your home workouts. Strategy and planning are important with any goal, especially if you are starting something new. 

When you follow a curated challenge it’s all organised for you, this means less to think about and less potential excuse-making!

With our challenges, we create printouts so you can manually cross off each day you do. This is scientifically proven to help create a new habit. 

The love and support vibes

During a live Challenge, the energy and support are at all time highs within our amazing community group. If you ever struggle with motivation for your at home Pilates workouts, this kind of support will really help you roll out the mat. Each day we post the daily class and members share their experiences, or just add a comment like “I did it! 6 days in a row so far”. This connection and feeling of friendly accountability is gold. 

You also have us, Yoga teacher and Pilates instructor in the group, we often hold live Q+As and movement demonstrations to help you gain confidence within your Pilates practice. We have a MerryBody family vibe, hear from one of our amazing members. 

They fit in with your life

You don’t need to do an online class at any specific time. You don’t need to rush to that 5:30 pm class. You don’t need to find a car park, you don’t need to wear the perfect outfit or arrange for someone to look after the kids. You find the best time for your life and your schedule.  

It might be the first thing you do each day, roll out of bed, have an espresso (obviously, or tea?) then start the day with 20 minutes of mood-lifting Pilates! It could be during your lunch break, pop your 30 minute Pilates class on, eat your lunch, then back to work feeling more energised than ever. Or while dinner is in the oven, or once the kids are asleep!

It’s also important to note, it’s not about ticking every day off. It’s more about experiencing an online workout Challenge that adds more goodness to your life, not more stress. This means, if you skip a day, or do it every 2nd day this is absolutely fine! It’s about making it work for you, tuning in to your body and listening.

We could go on, but the best way to truly experience the benefits of an online challenge is to try one! Why not start with our FREE 3 Day Core Challenge?  


Get ready for 3 days of both Yoga and Pilates exercise designed to build core strength. All the classes are less than 15 minutes, you can sign up over here and we will send the Yoga and Pilates videos direct to your inbox!

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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