10 healthy pancake recipes you need to make!


We’ve made so many different healthy pancake recipes so it’s about time we do a healthy pancake roundup! In no particular order because they are all delicious and sugar free, gluten free, grain free and super easy to whip up for the most epic breakfast!

The easiest healthy pancake recipe ever. 

This one is called the easiest because it really only has 2 main ingredients, eggs and bananas. Then you just need some coconut oil to cook them in! We also add a drop of vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, because delicious but they aren’t even required! YOU CAN GET THE RECIPE HERE.


Low carb peanut butter pumpkin spice pancakes.

Carla takes our food photos and she obviously was having a great day when she took this photo. Also, I (Emma) invented this recipe! I never EVER make sweet treats or pancakes but BOOM success, this is a winning recipe!

You definitely want to try this epic healthy pancake recipe. An extra special recipe for the Get Merry App. The app has over 300 recipes and 100 extra spesh app only recipes! DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE (you will love it!).


Paleo choc chip pancakes.

They’re not just paleo choc chip pancakes we added home made delish maple nut butter and berry jam! This recipe has got to be added to your list! GET THE RECIPE HERE!


Just real food pancakes.

We love this recipe, it’s so simple so you can add ALL the toppings! GET IT HERE!

Paleo raspberry and vanilla pancakes. 

Such a delish flavour comb! We made them for Valentine’s day so you don’t need to make them into a love heart shape… but you could for fun! GET IT NOW!

paleo vanilla raspberry pancakes2

Best ever healthy pancakes.

Apparently, this recipe is the best! Haha we’ve made so many we can’t remember! But you should probably just try them all. GET THIS EASY RECIPE HERE!


Peanut butter pancakes.

If you hadn’t noticed we do love peanut butter. This delicious recipe is a special app only recipe! You can DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE! You’ll be able to find all these healthy pancake recipes on the Get Merry app!


Healthy berry pancakes.

We had to add this oh so pretty pancake recipe from our Get Merry recipe cookbook! The best bit, the book is 50% off right NOW until 14 December 2018. GRAB A COPY HERE.


Paleo choc banana pancakes.

And then we get a blast from the past with this amazing recipe! It’s from our very first recipe eBook, Let’s Eat Paleo! It’s still so delicious! GET THE RECIPE NOW!

And the 10th and final healthy pancake recipe is totally drool-worthy paleo sweet potato pancake recipe. Unfortunately, the photo is… hmmm… so bad!

Hehe, you know what they say! If you’re not embarrassed by your early work you waited too long to start! We can confirm they taste SO GOOD! And you can GET THE RECIPE HERE!

If you make any of these healthy pancake recipes be sure to share a pic with us! We love seeing them on social media. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla




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