10 healthy smoothie recipes | Breakfast in minutes!


Ohhhh we really do love our smoothies! They make the best breakfast, lunches and dinners really! Perfect when you’re short on time or short on food supply in the kitchen. You know the days… where all you have in the fridge is a carton of coconut milk, frozen berries and half an avocado. Those ingredients may be nothing to some, but to us, they are a delicious smoothie bowl waiting to happen!

Ok, let’s get to the epic smoothie recipes!

Chocolate mousse smoothie

We highly recommend you whip this healthy chocolate mousse smoothie up for brekky, lunch or dinner! Then send us a pic on Instagram. 

>>> Get the recipe HERE!


Raspberry ripe smoothie bowl

Ahhh this recipe rocks. Yes it rocks due to the yum factor, the pretty factor and the easy factor. But it also rocks because it’s a delish smooth, creamy smoothie bowl minus the bananas and minus the high fructose.

>>> Get the recipe over HERE!


Raspberry and orange smoothie

This orange and raspberry smoothie really is a winning healthy smoothie combination. A little different to the normal smoothie combos. And you might think orange and milk is a weird combination… but trust us, it’s really good. 

>>> Grab this easy delish smoothie recipe HERE!


Green mango smoothie recipe

Mmm this smoothie recipes scream summer! The perfect most delish way to get extra greens into your life!

>>> Grab the recipe here!


Cookie crumble smoothie

Far out this smoothie is fun and yum! With the cookie crumble topping, it’s a little different to the regular smoothie. You should definitely make it and send us a pic!

>>> Get the easy peasy recipe HERE!


Berry collagen smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect way to add your collagen supp. Collagen is SO GOOD for you, its strengthens your hair, nails and helps brighten your skin. Improves your digestion, helps heal your but PLUS it’s a good source of protein.

>>> Grab the recipe here!


Carrot cake smoothie bowl

It’s a little different from your typical smoothie bowl, perfect to try when you’re feeling a little adventurous. Plus it’s so pretty!

>>> Grab the recipe OVER HERE!


Nana nutty smoothie bowl

Wow, this smoothie bowl is all kinds of delicious!

It features in our eBook, along with the carrot cake smoothie bowl, the orange and raspberry smoothie, choc-ahni smoothie (in the feature image) and like 90 other amazing, healthy and EASY recipes!

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Dairy-free berry smoothie bowl

It’s simple, it’s delicious and you should definitely try it out!

>>> Grab the recipe here!


Choc mint smoothie bowl

Oh gosh. This Choc Mint Smoothie Bowl is about to rock your world (well at least the world of your taste buds!). Ahhhh! It is all kinds of drool worthy epic. Not only yummy but it’s got spinach and fresh mint in it, so it is 100% good for you too!

>>> Grab the recipe here!


If you make any of these recipes share a pic with us we’d love to see them! Also, don’t forget to sign up and get your free trial of MerryBody! 

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Enjoy your healthy smoothie creations! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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