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Right now our podcast is called #GetMerry and we interview people IRL about life, health, business, relationships… everything. These are the most popular episodes at the moment.

But the podcast started as #MerryBiz and we interviewed people with epic businesses (mostly online). Every episode was filled with inspiration, motivation and a tonne of the best business advice. 

The below episodes are the ones where we received the best business advice. Where we got the AHA moments. Where we got the motivation to take action. 

In no particular order…

How to build an app with Jarrod Robbinson.

Actually, these 2 episodes get the #1 spot because we love our Get Merry recipe app and Jarrod is all kinds of epic. Jarrod, founder of The PE Geek helped us so much and we are so so so grateful. He’s got a heap of good advice and everything he does is freaking awesome. If you want to get inspired to create an online biz, Jarrod will do it.

Listen to episodes 70 and 71 with Jarrod HERE! 

Dominate Instagram and sales funnels with Nathan Chan.

If you’re looking for someone to give you kick up butt motivation… Nathan Chan from Foundr is for you. We do love Instagram and we know the importance of increasing followers and engagement but we also know it can be a big fat distraction. Also, if you have a bunch of followers but they NEVER convert into customers or even engage… it’s not much of a business.

Tune into episode 12 right HERE with Nathan!

Blogging Q+A with us.

For us, it all started off with googling what is a blog followed by how to start a blog. Since then we’ve learnt a heap of stuff, taken a heap of action. Episode 31 is a general Q+A filled with good stuff.

Listen to the Q+A with us HERE! Also, check out our founding story below. 

How to be a world class blogger with Darren Rowse.

Speaking of blogging… ProBlogger was the site we found after googling how to start a blog. Darren shares so much good stuff in this episode. His events and content have really helped us.

Listen to episode 32 with Darren Rowse HERE.

Blogging, business and bad-assery with Gala Darling.

She’s been blogging for 10 years so you know she’s got some good stuff to share! Gala Darling talks about thinking bigger. How you need to be flexible and nimble for it to work. We really loved this conversation.

Listen to episode 9 with Gala Darling

What the heck is content marketing with Dan Norris.

This is where we realised the magic and fun of in person podcasting. For us… this wins and this is why we only do IRL interviews at the moment. Maybe we just got sick of technology. Anyway, this episode with Dan Norris, founder of many businesses, is a great one. We love content marketing (aka blogging) and when you put a bit more thought and energy into it, good stuff will happen.

Listen to episode 33 HERE. Actually, Dan’s first episode is still one of the most popular #MerryBiz episodes and just as good. Listen to episode 2: How to get shit done.

Without your health, you have no business with Guy Lawrence. 

We are huge fans of Guy and everything he does with 180 Nutrition. We loved this episode because it’s such a good reminder to never ever forget about your health. When you think about it, no business success is worth jeopardising your health. Like for realz.

Listen to episode 47 with Guy HERE.

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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