Easter keto chocolate recipes


We’ve noticed that we eat less and less treats, yes even the more natural ones. But we do love a good low carb treat. So for this Easter we’ve opted to share our most fave Easter keto chocolate recipes.

Double chocolate keto fat bombs.

Hello, double chocolate goodness! Obviously perfect for Easter! That’s right you, you can eat treats on your low carb lifestyle. And the thing with high-fat anything… they fill you up! So you can’t over eat them! GET THE RECIPE.


Raw keto chocolate fudge brownies.

Yep, these delish morsels will make any low carb lover happy this Easter! Or at any time of year for that matter. Remember, they are raw, so they will melt… so don’t hide them around the house. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 


Keto chocolate.

Far out this recipe is everything, it takes 5 minutes to make! We recommend making a weekly stash and storing in your freezer for when it is choccy time! Also good for easter time (haha obz).  GET THE DELISH RECIPE HERE. 


Baked keto brownies.

OMG yummy and super easy to make! And yes they are low carb and one of the recipes that won’t melt… if you’re having a picnic or something!? Hehe. GET THE RECIPE NOW YAY!


Keto cookie dough bites.

So not full on chocolate but full on delicious and keto. Super easy to make, another great make and store and snack kinda recipe. Also, they are round, which kind of reminds us of Easter eggs (kind of not really… but whatever). GET THE RECIPE NOW.


Chocolate fat bomb.

Oh yeh, this recipe is full of good fats! Well, all these keto chocolate recipes are in fact filled with good fats. That is right fat is our friend! GET THE RECIPE HERE.


Choc coated PB and coconut fat bombs.

This is one of our most favourite recipes because hello so pretty! We think they’d make the most perfect gift this Easter. GET THE RECIPE OVER HERE.

Choc coated PB and coconut fat bombs recipe-feature

Low carb chocolate doughnuts.

This recipe is insanely yum. And yes, you should most definitely make them! If you can’t be bothered to buy the doughnut tray, no worries! Just turn them into muffins. So good. GRAB THE RECIPE HERE.


If you make any delish Easter keto chocolate recipes share a pic with us on Instagram or Facebook, we love seeing them.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 



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