Healthy Christmas present ideas for your healthy/foodie friends


Can you believe it’s Christmas time AGAIN?! Seriously, did we lose a month, or 10? Who knows! But oh well because YAY! It’s Christmas!

Which means it’s time to give pressies to your loved ones (and receive which is also fun). If you’re like us, you have a bunch of healthy/foodie friends and sometimes it’s hard to know what to get them. 

You gotta go for something practical because there’s a high chance these healthy/foodie friends might also be dabbling into minimalism or at least definitely mindfulness! AND it has to be healthy, you can’t be lazy and go for a box of chocolate (unless it’s raw, sugar free, gluten free or homemade! If this is the case… give the box of chocolates (to us!)).

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the BEST healthy Christmas present ideas for your healthy/foodie friends! 

Are you ready for the epic-est Christmas list ever? Could double as your wish list #justsaying.

Healthy Christmas presents to get your healthy/foodie friends

The Shakti Mat aka magical mat

Ok, if you’ve been following our posts for the past 3 months on social, then you’ll know we’re kinda obsessed with our Shakti Mats. They relieve stress and tension and therefore we’ve renamed them Magical Mats. 


A pair of FRANKiE4s (or 2 if you’ve been good!)

Holey cuteness and comfort. FRANKiE4 shoes are some of the best damn shoes in the world. Ridiculously cute, ridiculously comfy. There will be no reason to complain about sore feet. Did we mention the cute factor? Maybe one for the wishlist ๐Ÿ˜‰


A hamper of supplements

Is that totally random? Nope. When Merrymaker Mum asked what she Carla wanted for Christmas she said: “a bunch of supplements!”. You know we love our Gelatin/collagen products for healthy gut and beautiful skin/hair/nails. Oh! You could do a hamper with gelatin and organic skincare! #bestpresentevah

Synxsole Orthotics

These would be the PERFECT stocking filler! Is your friend into fitness? Hiking? Or if they wear shoes (most people fit this :P) these babies (aka Synxsole Orthotics) put the practical in practical! Say goodbye to back, knee, hip pain and give your feet a rest! Yay! 

Workout necessities: Synxsole, fun leggings, good tunes.
Workout necessities: Synxsole, fun leggings, good tunes.
A hamper of food

We said practical, remember? Go to your local supermarket/grocer/fresh food market and stock up on some delish nuts, seeds, coconut oil and fresh fruit! Whack it in a pretty basket and wah-lah! We’ll be heading to Supabarn before Christmas day to do this exact thing!

Organic skin care/body care/hair care

Seriously, there are SOOOO many amazing organic personal care products these days. EVERYONE loves products and a lot of the time we don’t indulge in it for ourselves. So therefore… perfect gift! Tick!

Nubody subscription

We’ve been getting Nubody delivered the past couple of months and let us tell you… they have been making our smoothies ridiculously delish! Plus we get to try fun snacks and new tasty products! It’s a little pressie every month!

Celebrate Health hamper

We love this idea, a: because we love Celebrate Health (yes, they’re one of our awesome blog partners) AND b: their brand is the best for this time of year! Celebrate! Get it? Celebrate! YAY! Let’s remember: edible gifts = the best gifts!


Speaking of edible goodies…

Merrymaker treats

Seriously, you will win the favourite gift if you bake a batch of tasty, healthy treats, wrap them all cute and give them with a smile! We have SO many ideas and SO many recipes! Are you ready for them? Gingerbread, Coconut Ice, Peppermint Bliss Balls, White Christmas, Fruit Mince Pie AND we have a bunch of recipes exclusively coming to the App, including… Christmas Pudding!


Recipe books

Always a huge win for any healthy foodie. Unfortunately, our new book: Get Merry won’t be delivered until early 2017 (super sad face… sucky sucky!)… but you could always make a cute IOU ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


Gift vouchers

Maybe a little boring to un-wrap but still epic gift idea! Especially if you think a little out of the Christmas box, what about vouchers for: restaurants, massage, facial, float tank, salt room, sauna, movies (everyone LOVES the movies), sky diving (no thanks). 


Maybe not on the minimalist/practical side… because really, how many notepads do we all need? (If you’re wondering, the answer is: too many.) But Typo and Kiki-k always have such a cute range and they’re SAH pretty!

Do you have more ideas to add to the healthy present wish ideas list?! Comment below! Yay for Christmas! Yay for healthy presents!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s MERRY Merry Christmas!

p.p.s feature image from unsplash!

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