How to Start a Yoga Routine at Home


I love practicing Yoga at home. Yes, we were all forced to do it during lockdowns, however, post lockdowns there are many positives to starting a Yoga routine at home. 

Just the other afternoon I was feeling very low energy and tired. I’d just gotten over a cold, the last thing I felt like doing was Yoga. I also didn’t want to cook dinner or read my book. I just wanted to sit on the couch and switch on the TV. 

But Mum messaged me to tell me she was about to hit play on the ‘Ignite Your Creativity’ MerryBody Yoga class. 

I thought to myself, just get up and do it. JFDI (just freaking do it). And it was a good idea!

I was interested to see what Carla (our MerryBody Yoga Instructor) had taught in this older class, there’s no way we can remember all 400+ classes! Plus the library continues to grow each and every week. 

I felt another tiny spark of motivation because I’d been working on our new Chakra Masterclasses earlier in the day. And this particular class was in fact, all about opening and balancing the Sacral Chakra. You can find these masterclasses on the MerryBody Pilates and Yoga Studio app (they are so interesting!). Download and sign up for your 7 day trial now!

So I rolled out my Yoga mat in the living room, sat in Child Pose (my favourite yoga pose) for a few breaths then hit play. 

Here are my observations after 25 minutes of home Yoga practice.

25 minutes of Yoga is enough to make me feel great. I simply feel better, in body and mind.

Just the other day after my class, I reflected and realised I felt completely revitalised. This class in particular has a mudra and short breathing exercise. So in just 25 minutes, I experienced both Yoga and Meditation.

Even though I am an avid Yoga (and Pilates) practitioner, this experience really did blow my mind!  To experience how different I felt, from before to after. 

I felt better. And all I did to feel better was roll out my mat in the lounge room, hit play on a class, move and breathe for 25 minutes. 

Then I went on to cook dinner. Started a new book. And actually wanted to have conversations (haha). I wanted to do life! And not just observe it.

This is a huge motivator for me, this is why I make sure I practice Yoga and Pilates regularly. It has nothing to do with what I look like… I just feel better in my moods, my mind and my body.

The best part about creating a Yoga routine at home is the fact that it’s entirely flexible. As soon as you feel like you need it, you can roll out your mat, press play on one of the many Yoga videos and get flowing into your downward facing dog or sun salutations. 

No matter if you’re looking for beginner Yoga or more advanced, Vinyasa or Yin. You’ll find all styles of Yoga online classes

Inside our Yoga and Pilates app you’ll find beginner to challenge classes, fire-y flows to Yin Yoga bliss. 5 minute classes to 60 minute class stacks! There’s even a program especially to help you start a Pilates and Yoga home practice to get you feeling confident. 

You’ll also find meditations inside the app. Here’s me below, on the left and Carla on the right. We are not meditating, we are about to crack up laughing in this photo (haha). 


Our Tips on Starting a Home Yoga Practice

Find an Online Yoga Teacher

This goes for studio classes too. Find a Yoga teacher you love and feel great learning from. You might not find them during your first Yoga experience so try out a few teachers. Don’t get turned off if the first teacher and class don’t click. 

There are many different types of Yoga and each teacher also brings their own flair. Even if you want to try hot Yoga at home, pop the heater on high (kind of joking, but it’s possible).

And of course, I will recommend my Sister’s classes, she really knows how to teach an online Yoga class! I emphasise the online as it’s completely different from teaching in real life. She makes sure to cover all the cues and the options so you’re not left confused!

Schedule Time to Practice

Make a plan! Look at your weekly schedule and figure out what times are do-able. If you’re a busy person maybe one hour of Yoga practice a day is not realistic. Why not aim for 3 x 30 minute sessions? 

This is why we curate a weekly plan for our MerryBody members. Less decision-making will save you time and energy. You just need to open the app and select today’s class. 

Stay on Top of Self-motivation

The hardest thing about developing a Yoga routine at home is self-motivation. The best way to do this is to reflect and figure out what makes you tick. Learn what your value connector is. Your reason WHY you want to do the Yoga. Like “I do yoga because I am happier and more patient with my kids” or “I do Yoga so I am more focused at work”.  

It also helps to have an accountability buddy. This is why we’d recommend you sign up to an online Community, we like to call ours the MerryBody family, it’s warm and welcoming and motivation is high! 


Just Start!

Set an intention and begin, take it class by class! As you continue your home practice it will become easier and easier. It will simply be a part of your life! You might love it so much that your next goal is to figure out how to practice Yoga daily at home! 

If you’re ready to begin, why not try one of our YouTube classes? This class is 20 minutes long and it’s a beginner class designed to help you let go of stress and welcome relaxation. It’s the perfect class to pop on after a busy day. It will completely shift how you feel. 

Then if you love the class, download and sign up to the MerryBody App RIGHT HERE.

There is a 7 day trial, test it out for a week and see if it’s for you. You can even start the 30 day Yoga program or the 7 day Get Flexi Program.  

Always merrymaking,
Emma (and Carla) 

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