12 low carb high fat keto sweet treats | Easy recipes!


We were just scrolling through the sweet treat section on the Get Merry recipe app and realised we have SO MANY epic healthy keto sweet treat recipes. We have even more than the below 12 recipes, but these should keep you going! 

We don’t eat a strict keto diet. We eat low carb naturally and easily, we find it to be a super sustainable way to eat and live healthily. We focus on eating real food, with lots of fresh produce. When we make sweet treats these days they are almost always low carb and keto and they are always easy to make… coz ain’t nobody got time for that! 

To live a Merrymaker lifestyle is to live with more joy. This is why we focus on the foods and way of eating that brings joy.

Health isn’t just about food, it’s movement, it’s our mindsets and this is where we felt the biggest shift in our health journey.

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Keto chocolate almond cups

This is our new favourite keto sweet treat recipe because it’s so freaking delicious and so easy. We added medicinal mushrooms to ours but you can leave them out. Check out the easy recipe here and let us know if you make them.


Choc coated peanut butter fat bombs

Yes we know peanuts are higher carb so swap to almond butter if you like. We had a big phase of peanut butter for a while, then we realised almond butter is way better! Grab the recipe here, it’s SO GOOD!

Choc coated PB and coconut fat bombs recipe-feature

Dairy free keto cookie dough bites

Ahhh hello, delicious bites of low carb and high fat goodness! And yes, you should make them! Check out the easy peasy recipe.


Easy keto cookies with chocolate frosting

Far out we have made these low carb cookies so many times. We know we’re onto a great recipe when we make it 5 times in the space of 2 weeks (haha oops). Obsessd much? You definitely want to make these cookies, click for the recipe.


Keto pancakes

Perfect for a healthy breakfast, you can even make a big batch on the weekend and freeze in portions for your weekday breakfasts. Add all the toppings like… coconut or Greek yoghurt, almond butter and berries. Hello, delicious recipe.

paleo pikelets

Easiest keto cupcake recipe ever

The best thing about the keto diet is that cream is on the YES list so this is why we had to turn this keto cupcake recipe into butterfly cupcakes.  We can also confirm that Carla is still lactose intolerant (HAHA). Find the recipe here.keto-cupcakes-butterfly-feature

Delicious keto chocolate brownies  

In 2018 we got really obsessed with brownies. We probably have about 10 different brownie recipes on the blog (haha). These keto brownies are really yum. You should go check out the recipe.


Double chocolate keto fat bombs

We love having a stash of low carb healthy treats in the freezer like these fat bombs. They make the most perfect post Pilates or Yoga snack. 


Easy keto chocolate, it takes 5 minutes to make

OMGosh if you are short on time or just really NEED a healthy keto sweet treat… this is the recipe for you! It’s a chuck all ingredients in the blender, whiz and then freeze kinda recipe. You can get the easy recipe here.


Oh yum, keto chocolate donuts

If you don’t have a donut tray, don’t stress you can also make them into muffins.. but the doughnut tray is worth the investment… for the fun factor. Grab the recipe here.


The good fat cake

We got obsessed with this sweetener-free good fat cake… for good reason! It’s freaking delicious! And oh so easy to make. We love that there is NO sweetener, but also do feel free to add xylitol. Grab the recipe.

Super delicious keto crepes

Yes, this keto breakfast recipe is the absolute best! So easy to make, just be super careful when you flip them. Slow and easy wins the race! Find this super yum recipe here.


Seriously wow we’ve made (and eaten) a lot of delicious keto sweet treats. If you make any recipes let us know! Send us a drool-worthy pic, we love seeing them on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, remember we share new recipes almost every single week, to be the first to know about them sign up to our weekly newsletter. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla


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