10 Paleo Breakfast Ideas.

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Gone are the days when breakfast was a full bowl of sugar coated cereal and a slice of toast…now, we welcome the post-grain addiction era and it’s SO much better than the pre.


Most people can understand our lunches and our dinners but it is amazing how many people question what we eat for breakfast. ‘But if you can’t eat cereal or toast…what do you eat?
Well seeing as it’s merrymaker monday here’s 10 ideas to an easy delicious breakfast.
1: remember when Sunday was special because you took time to make a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes (chuck the toast) etc? Well that right there is the perfect paleo staple breakfast. This is a super easy thing to make (especially for 1-2 people) just using one large saucepan. Start with the bacon, then the veggies, once cooked, push it all to one side and then crack your eggs!  
2: left overs. MeatzaSan choy bau? Chicken? Almost anything can be scrambled with an egg. To spice it up whisk up your eggs with your favourite spice. We love turmeric. Add some veggies and make it into a spicy scrambled mess (plus you just cleaned out your fridge!)
4: remember your friend sweet potato? Grate one up, add an egg, some spices and fry that fritter up! (Same goes for good ole zucchini!)
5: fruit. Oh yeaaaah…fruit salad. Yummy yummy. Just be careful if you’re watching sugar levels.
6: smoooooothie. Made with almond milk, ice and your favourite fruits. Add some coconut for some crunch.
7: omelette. What do you put on an omelette? Everything!
8: muffins! This recipe can be adapted a thousand times over with your favourite flavours.
9: oh you want something easy that can be prepped earlier for the whole week? Well just line some muffin tins with bacon or ham, crack an egg in and bake for 10 minutes in a 200 degrees celsius oven… sprinkle with dill or chives.
10: after all, who made the rule that breakfast had to be cereal and toast? Get with the post-grain times…it’s all about eggs, bacon and this amazing granola! Serve this with almond milk or sprinkle on some fruit salad. It can be pre-made so there are no excuses like bad hair days or missed alarms.

Always merrymaking, 

Emma + Carla

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