why we should activate nuts

How to Activate Nuts and Seeds and What the Bleep is Phytic Acid?

To be 100% completely honest with you all… activating nuts and seeds is a complete pain in the butt! All the soaking and drying gets pretty annoying BUT like anything, once you keep doing something it simply becomes habit. Just quickly before we get onto the whole ‘How to Activate Nuts and Seeds’ business let’s remember the WHY. Yeah! Why the heck do …

paleo breakfast granola

Paleo Breakfast Granola.

Everyone LOVES a good Paleo Breakfast Granola. This one is super yummy as it’s full of coconut, pumpkin seeds, cashews and sunflower seeds! Nom! We actually made this big batch for a brunch we hosted and served it with homemade cashew milk! Everyone went crazy for it, going back for thirds and fourths! We’d recommend you don’t do this… granola …

easy paleo dukkah recipe

Easy Paleo Dukkah Recipe.

This easy paleo dukkah recipe is all kinds of delish! Sprinkle it on salads, rub on chicken or spice up your lamb! You really can enjoy this super easy paleo dukkah with anything! We’re thinking a paleo crunchy bread roll, olive oil and dukka will go down quite well! Always merrymaking, Emma + Carla


Paleo Spiced Nuts.

These paleo spiced nuts are the easiest way to jazz up a pretty boring snack! Mix and match your favourite herbs and spices! Always merrymaking, e + c


Paleo Jaffa Granola.

Paleo jaffa granola is seriously delicious! We never really liked jaffas when we were little and now we don’t eat any of the ‘traditional’ lollies and candy (YAY!). We make our own jelly lollies and they are scrummy yummy.  Anyway, the point is that orange + chocolate = amazing paleo granola! We hope you like the jaffa granola and we’d …

14 reasons to visit Fiji.

Oh Fiji, we love you! We recently spent a week away in Fiji staying at the lovely Intercontinental Hotel in Natadola Bay. We returned home feeling refreshed, inspired + completely relaxed. Here’s our 14 reasons to visit Fiji, in no particular order of importance.  The people of Fiji are ridiculously nice, big smiles, all the time no matter what the weather (we LOVE …