Paleo Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Salad Recipe.

This paleo sweet potato and cauliflower salad is oh so delish and easy! Can’t get much better than the delish combo of sweet potato and cauliflower. Yum Yum! It’s getting a little cooler here so we served it straight away once the sweet potato and cauliflower was cooked but you can make it the day before in the warmer months …

Paleo Aioli Recipe.

We’ve always wanted to make our own aioli… little did we know, it’s actually really simple! Here’s our recipe for paleo aioli, goes perfect with fish, salad or even meatballs! Now you have this as a base, go crazy with flavours, like paprika, chilli or dill (the options are endless!). Delish! Always merrymaking, e + c


Paleo Rainbow Salad Recipe

Before you get this delicious paleo rainbow salad recipe, sign up to our newsletter (look right!)  for a free! You’ll receive a mini merrymaker eBook filled with paleo sweet treat recipes!   This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of Claire Yates’ first book: Optimum health the paleo way. First, can we just say, …


Paleo Orange Ginger Salad Dressing.

Have you ever looked at the nutritional contents on your store bought salad dressings? It is not pretty! Packed with sugar, preservatives and other nasties!  Enjoy this paleo orange ginger salad dressing with your favourite salad! Try out a rainbow salad or even our delish summer macadamia salad! Yum!  Always merrymaking, e + c  

paleo caramelised pumpkin

Paleo Caramelised Pumpkin Recipe.

How good are pumpkins!? We are loving them at the moment. Mmm a nice big bowl of steaming pumpkin soup or deliciously roasted served next to a tender roast…um yum! They are just perfect for winter (actually we love them all year round…mmm in summery salads…Bring. On. Summer.) These funny looking vegies are so versatile, you can bake, boil, mash …